“Minecraft TU16” Fix List and Release Date, New Minecraft Realms Announcement and New Snapshot 14w20b Teased

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"Minecraft Xbox 360" developer 4J Studios has just announced that the "Minecraft" TU16 patch is now out for the Xbox 360.

The complete list of Bug Fix List for "Minecraft" TU16 has also been posted over at the Minecraft Forums, and it's expected that this will be the same list for both the "Minecraft PS3 and Xbox 360" versions.

Most of the bug fixes include invisibility modes, ability to attach and breed, streaming music, non-loading chunks in maps, taming wolves, and damage decals. The full list can be seen in the link above. As far as the "Minecraft PS3" TU16 is concerned, this is what the developer has to say after talks with Sony:

"Sony says it's looking like 28th May for the release of 'Minecraft PS3' Patch 1.06 (TU16 equivalent)," said 4J Studios via their official Twitter.

New Snapshot Out, Mostly Bug Fixes

Mojang has also released the latest "Minecraft" Snapshot 14w20b, which includes a bug that fixes the mobs that are not spawning naturally in the game.

According to the official Mojang web site, this new snapshot has quite a few notable changes, as seen below:

- Caves now generate in deserts & mesas

- Added a new /title command for in-game adventure-map chaptering

- Made tab-list more consistent and a little prettier when using health display objective

- Adjusting fly speed of spectator mode now works vertically too

- If you're stuck outside the world border, you can now walk freely to go back inside

There is also a long list of bug fixes coming in with this update, all detailed in the link above. The developers are keeping their lines open for bug finds, which can be reported here.

Minecraft Realms is Now Out Worldwide

"Minecraft" players on the PC and Mac can now gain access to the paid subscription service Minecraft Realms, as developer Mojang announced its availability worldwide.

Since "Minecraft" is looking at releases in various more platforms, the developer has also confirmed that it's working on the other platforms to ensure the release of the Minecraft Realms service beyond the PC and Mac.

Mini games on Minecraft Realms (via YouTube/TeamMojang)

Minecraft Realms is possibly the safest way to play the game online, since only invited payers can get on your Realms server, especially if you are hosting it. This would work best for parents with kids who love "Minecraft"- ensures that they play with their friends and not random strangers online.

"Whether you're building, adventuring, or competing in one of our featured mini-games, Realms servers are easy to set up and available 24/7," according to the official Minecraft Realms web site.

There's also the bonus that you can automatically back up your worlds at regular intervals and have the host restore a Realm to any saved state. You can also invite up to 10 players at any time, with 20 players allowed for invite onto the Realms server.

Minecraft Realms is available for only $13 per month, but Mojang is also offering the service in 1, 3 or 6-month packages, with the longer subscriptions getting a bigger discount.

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