Minecraft TU14, PS3 Texture Packs Teased, New Snapshot 14w11b Released

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4J Studios has recently teased another pair of plushies, this time one of a Squid and an Ocelot. But more than that--and obviously in the same fashion--the plushies were situated, yet again, in front of two screens. And this has gotten a number of fans excited for the Minecraft TU14.

The first is that the City Texture Pack, previously released for Minecraft Xbox 360, has been spotted in the PS3 version.

Fans start pouring in with their own guesses on what could be found in the screenshot. Some are taking note of the game card, flowerpots, gray wool, chest, different village textures, book and quill (as per Java 1.3.1 though this has not yet been confirmed by 4J Studios), and enchanted books.

Aside from this, 4J Studios has also said something about releasing PS3 texture packs. "We're aiming to release one or two PS3 texture packs at the same time as the TU14 update for PS3."

As for the Minecraft TU14, the release date may not be that far off, since the developer seems to be making quick progress of bugs found in the update. "We're working through the TU14 bugs. The list is getting shorter every day. Not too long to go now..."

All of these come as even more good news, right after Mojang has announced the continuing profitability of the game. Joystiq reports that Minecraft is continuing to gain profit, with the revenue going past $237 million in 2012 and $326 million in 2013.

It seems that Minecraft is a gold mine for the developer, as 93 per cent of the reported money made by them comes from Minecraft, with all versions gaining good money.

Snapshot 14w11b already released

"We are going to GDC this weekend, so there will be a pause in snapshots for a short while. But before we get on the plane, we wanted you to have the latest changes to play with," said Mojang.

Some of the new bugs being found include the following:

-       Upward facing droppers/dispensers only shoot items west

-       Tripwire hook Texture Messed up

-       Hopper: java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking entity

-       Flickering world menu

-       Name and ID cannot both be blank

-       Endermite Spawn Egg has the wrong name

-       When ironbars are placed on a block, the lower part is black

-       Dark Oak Sapling name is missing

-       Existing player heads only show the default Steve head

-       No podzol in creative inventory

-       Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 7

-       EnderMites doesn't move

-       Brewing stand graphic shows different things depending on which angle

Also, a change for resource pack makers is that the generic blocks now load models and not predefined block shapes.

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