'Minecraft' TU14 New Features and Updates Listed, and Mojang Celebrates a Profitable Game

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The long-awaited "Minecraft" TU14 has finally been passed for testing to both Microsoft and Sony—meaning that the update will be available for the two versions, PS3 and Xbox 360, at the same time.

The same has been said for those who are waiting for the update on the PS3 version:

The changelog for both versions are already out and the same, starting with a long list of additional items that "Minecraft" fans can enjoy. The additions include emerald and emerald ore, block of emerald, ender chest, tripwire hook, enchanted golden apple, anvil, flower pot, cobblestone walls (and a mossy version) and wither painting.

Interesting food items have also been added, like the potato (along with baked and poisonous variants) and the carrot (which also has a golden carrot and carrot on a stick kind). There's also the night vision potion and invisibility potion, the nether quartz and nether quartz ore, block of quartz, quartz stair, chiseled quartz block, enchanted book and carpet.

Aside from the added items, there are also new features, including new mobs (zombie villagers), new terrains, new anvil interface, new recipes and new abilities. Players can now change the placement of half blocks and other blocks, as well as the upside down stairs and slabs, dye leather armor and wolf collars, and remove knockback when drowning.

There are also changes in the mobs, like the ability of nether mobs to spawn in the Overworld from Portals, villagers now being able to have a random profession when spawned from a spawn egg and mobs in creative mode becoming neutral again after a short period.

All in all, "Minecraft" TU14 is looking to be a pretty neat and meaty update, especially when compared to TU13, which was mostly fixes and improvements.

Check the complete changelog over at Minecraft Forum at this link.

'Minecraft': Continuing to Be a Gold Mine for Mojang

The "Minecraft" craze has never died down or dwindled since its release in 2009. Now, after expanding to three more platforms following the PC and Xbox 360 versions, it continues to be a very profitable game for developer Mojang.

Polygon reports that the revenue of the game went up by 38 per cent to $322.4 million, a milestone achievement considering that "Minecraft" has first started out as an alpha free-to-play game version.

This year alone, "Minecraft" has been achieving milestones left and right, with the latest being the announcement of the 14 million mark for the PC version and the 1 million mark for the PS3 version (an amazing feat as it was released just a month prior to the announcement).

"Minecraft" continues to look at growing big, especially with the recently announced "Minecraft" movie that is spearheaded by Warner Bros.

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