'Minecraft' TU 14 Teased by 4J Studios, 'Minecraft' Snapshot 14w04b Released and 'Minecraft: PS3' Celebrates 1 Million Copies Sold

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After rolling out Patch 1.03 for "Minecraft: PS3," 4J Studios has delighted fans yet again with another sly tease, depending on how you look at their most recent post over at 4J Studios Twitter.

The developer posted a simple snapshot of Mooshroom toys captioned, "Look at these lovely baby Mooshroom plushies!"

But in reality, a lot of the fans' attention went straight to the background, which features screenshots of what could be the "Minecraft" TU 14.

Already fans over at 4J Studios' Twitter have compared notes on what the two photos mean. Some very detail-oriented fans have noticed that the X and Y buttons showing on the screen are different, which means that they are from different consoles.

"Look at the controls of both pictures! They did the same thing for PS3. This means XB1 MC is coming soon!," @BlaisteraHD wrote.

"SO much stuff got confirmed now! yayayay!," @qdengler also commented.

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Snapshot 14w04b is Now Out with Bug Fixes

Quickly updating the snapshot 14w04a, Mojang has recently released another one, dubbed 14w04b.

This time, the "Minecraft" snapshot features a number of fixes, which include the following:

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- Skin layers that appear to be off when traveling through portals

- Incorrectly rendered items and blocks placed in item frames

- Fixed items that don't render properly on the ground

- Killing a mob always gives players a rare loot (100 per cent chance)

- The server disconnects players after taking damage from mob

- Cannot/setblock air on tile entities

- Furnaces stop operating between launches

- The grass under snow does not having a snowy texture

- Item frames duplicate upon reloading

- Monster dungeons not spawning

- Missing clock in item frame

As usual, Mojang is still accepting bug reports, which players can send via this link.

'Minecraft' PS3 Reaches 1 Million Milestone

In addition to the latest snapshot, Mojang has also announced that "Minecraft: PS3," which has been released just late 2013, has already sold more than 1 million copies.

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"Just wanted to let you know that Minecraft on PS3 recently sold over 1 million copies (that has to be some kind of record on PSN, no?)," wrote Mojang in a recent blog post.

But more than the celebration, fans will be happy to know that the developer has also teased that there will be upcoming news for the next update on "Minecraft: PS3." Though there was no release date or time frame given, it does seem pretty near with quite a number of updates as well.

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