Minecraft TU 14 Fans Discuss Possible Features; Minecraft PC Hits 14M

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Minecraft fans' attention has now shifted to waiting for Minecraft TU14, especially after a teasing screenshot from 4J Studios revealed not only this, but a possible look at the Xbox One version of the game.

Currently, fans started to speculate on what they may be able to find in the new update with only the two teaser screenshots to go with.

"Wow... Just wow. That's one loaded teaser pic by 4J. Yeah, that looks like a trip wire hook. Also in the Jungle temple image it really looks like Quartz. There also appears to be Pumpkin pie in the Desert temple image," RenegadeFade said.

"So... Potatoes, Carrots, Pumpkin pie, cobblestone walls and desert villages... (Behind the temple if you look closely). And oh yeah... anvils! (It's likely we'll get some of the stuff that goes with anvils.) That's quite a bit being brought forward."

Another Minecraft Forums user, Liam83, has given his thoughts on what to expect for Minecraft TU14.

"I didn't expect the nether quartz so soon, I was happy sacrificing the jungle/desert temples to keep my current world a while longer, I guess I could always reset the nether though."

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In reference to the screenshot teased by the developer, ChikkkaBowWow said, "The 'baby mooshroom plushie' teaser screenshots for TU14 contains literally everything else I hoped to see in MCX360, with the exception of enchanged books. (My confidence is high for the books, though. They just aren't explicitly confirmed.)"

For the release date of Minecraft TU14, it seems that 4J Studios has a lot on its plate that even a timeframe has not yet been teased. Most that has been updated about Minecraft TU14 was that the team was working on it.

One other Minecraft Forum user, Cire360 has speculated on the possibility that the release date is not yet in sight.

"I'm impressed, I really didn't expect them to bring this much stuff forward. Now I doubt we will see this till March, probably aligned with the Xbox One release date."

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Minecraft PC reaches 14 million units sold

Minecraft seems to reach its goals one after another, this time hitting the 14 million mark for copies sold on the Minecraft PC and Mac version. Recently, Minecraft has hit a million copies for its PS3 version, a feat considering it has just been released before 2013 ended.

Quoting the statistics page in Minecraft, Venture Beat adds that 16,000 copies of Minecraft PC are being bought every day, which brings it to around $350,000 of sales more or less.

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GameSpot reported the extra one million for the Minecraft PC version had been sold in less than 2 months as the 13 million copies milestone was reached on Dec. 13.

It seemed most of Minecraft's franchises are a success with even the mobile app Minecraft Pocket Edition having sold 10 million copies on its own.

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