Minecraft Texture Pack Updates and Mods of the Week: More is Better with More Swords, More Pistons, and More Potions


Minecraft Xbox 360's first texture pack, the Plastic Texture Pack as finally been released, and already, the developers are hard at work on the next one, which is the Natural Texture Pack.

"We're still working the Natural Texture Pack, so it'll be a while yet," said 4J Studios in their Twitter.

But there may be another surprise for Minecraft fans. In one fan query, it was asked if the header on 4J Studios' Twitter header will be changed anytime soon. It now displays the Plastic Texture Pack screenshot.

"Yes, think we'll be changing it next week, but it's not for a texture pack," said 4J Studios in response. Does this mean another mash-up pack will be delivered? Any thougths on which one it will be?

For now, check out these three Minecraft mods of the week, all of which have been updated to sync with Minecraft 1.6.4. More means a lot better for playing Minecraft this weekend.

More Swords Mod

Who doesn't like swords in Minecraft? With more Swords Mod you can choose from a wide array of new swords that take inspiration from the Minecraft weaponry and expand it to a whole new level.

There are 14 new swords for this mod with 13 more enchantments, and can be obtained by either crafting them or finding them in the Minecraft world.

More Swords Mod gives 14 new swords (CREDIT: 9minecraft.net)

9Minecraft provides a few recipes for making swords, including the Blaze sword, the Blood sword, the Bone sword, the Draconic Blade, the Eye end the Glass sword, the Infinity sword, the Lapis sword, the Molten Edge, the Aqueous blade, the Master sword, the Aether's Guard, the Wither bane, and the Admin's ark. Each sword has a different damage and durability level.

Some of the change logs for More Swords mod includes updated mapping names, for better synchronization with newer forge builds, fixed bugs with zombies, better performance increase when zombies hold swords, and fixed bug with Ascension enchantment in crashing servers.

Download the More Swords Mod here and follow the instructions enumerated to load it to your Minecraft world.

More Potions Mod

Potions can be helpful in both Creative and Survival Mode, and they can be made combining a handful of different items.

Since there are not a lot of potions that are rolled out, the More Potions Mod will give you more potions, while also custom brewing for each one. Most of these potions are original ones, so you will have a lot of fun finding new potions.

One of the potion recipes in the mod (CREDIT:minecraftdl.com)

You can get 20 new potions, a brewing stand to create them, and brewing recipes that use vanilla items. The downside is that you would need three other mods to make More Potions Mod work.

According to MinecraftDL, you will need to have Forge, BrewingAPI, and ClashoftAPI installed. Once you are done, you can download the More Potions mod from the link above and follow the steps in the link so you can start.

More Pistons Mod

Created by smeagolwoms4, the More Pistons Mod has been updated for the Minecraft 1.6.4. Here, you have a long list of pistons that you can use. There are normal ones like the Doube piston, Triple piston, Quadruple piston, Quintuple piston, Sextuple piston, Septuple piston, and Octuple piston.

There are also seven Sticky pistons, Super Sticky pistons, Redston and Redstone Stick pistons, and Gravitational and Gravitational Sticky pistons.

Minecraft Forum provides recipes for some of the pistons, and you can also download the mod from there.

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