'Minecraft' Snapshot 14w08a Released; Mini Games Coming to Minecraft Realms

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A new snapshot has been released by "Minecraft" dubbed snapshot 14w08a, which features quite a number of changes and fixes.

"We've been working on major rewrites (inventories/menus/block models) for the upcoming API still, but here's a bugfixy snapshot in the mean time!" said the Mojang team.

Some of the bugs that have been fixed for the newest snapshot include the renamed Iron Trapdoor, not drowning while swimming, nametag now being sown in the inventory screen, the testforblock command not working with execute command and the hide command for Entities by Ops.

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The complete list of bug fixes is in the link above. Gamers can also download the new snapshot in the link here, or if they find a bug, they can report it in this link.

However, Mojang has also warned users that the snapshots can corrupt worlds, so it's best to back up their world or run the snapshot in a different folder

Mini Games Will be Available for Realms on Subscription

Minecraft Realms has just gotten another feature to make the subscription service even more exciting for fans. According to VG 24/7, the new service will be mini games, which was recently revealed by Jens Bergensten, "Minecraft" lead developer.

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The video below shows the feature, wherein after players enjoy the mini game, the Realm will be reset to the original state before they leave the mini game. It seems that there are already available games to try, including "Blocks vs Zombies" by SethBling, "The Walls" by Hypixels and "Dash of Dooom" by Dragnoz, but the list is slated to grow longer with future games.

(Credit: YouTube/TeamMojang)

Minecraft Realms has been promised to roll out worldwide for gamers who want to play "Minecraft" together with friends and fellow "Minecraft" lovers. Currently, it is available in Sweden, and is, for the meantime, only available for families and groups.

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This new service allows gamers to play "Minecraft" without needing a server, and the version available in Sweden is still considered as a beta phase.

Mr Bergensten adds that the feature will be included in the 1.7.5 update, promised to come in March.

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