Minecraft Snapshot 14w07a from Mojang Detailed; Cool Community Creations with StarQuest Server

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Mojang has been working fast on snapshots, with the latest one 14w07a just released with a long list of bugs fixes and additions.

"We've still been working hard on rewriting internal stuff (such as how blocks are rendered, or how the entire inventory system works) in preparation for the Plugin API. Meanwhile, have another smaller snapshot with a bunch of bug fixes and some more adventure map related stuff!" said the developer on the official Mojang web site.

Everyone who wants to check out the snapshot can expect added trapdoors and sharing to LAN for spectator mode.

Mapmakers have a lot to look forward to in the new snapshot, which include the following:

-       Resourcepack can be bundled with a map, put in a map save director y and name "resources.zip"

-       Scoreboard objectives for fake players with a name # will not show up on the sidebar

-       There are new /scoreboard subcommands, /scoreboard operations and /scoreboard test

-       Players in a team can now have team-based objectives showing on the sidebar, but this will be dependent on the team color

-       The players can also create a copy of a BlockEntity in their hotbar, as long as they are in creative mode. This can also include all NBT data, with ctrl+[PICK_KEY] (usually ctrl+ middle mouse button).

-       Dispensers will now place a commandblock instead of shooting them out.

-       There is now a team option of nametags for players in other teams to be hidden

*A post-Valentine's skin is availble for Borderlands 2, which sees the return of pink skins with Loverpalooza and the Heart Breaer shotgun: Check out the details and codes here.

The bug fix for this snapshot is just as long, and some of these include:

-       Chest not spawning in Monster dungeons

-       Spectating a mob leaves you at two blocks tall view

-       Inability to place boats

-       Ghosts no despawning in Peaceful Mode

-       The colour of sugar canes does not change depending on the biome

-       Boats appear to be sunken in water

-       The command CanPlaceOn does not work on wooden doors

-       /kill @e doesn't kill ender dragons

-       Baby Zombie Pigman Running with Strange Speed

There are more of the bug fixes and new additions for mapmakers, which you can check in the Mojang link above. As usual, the developers are welcoming bug reports, which you can report here.

*More details for the different versions of Minecraft from 4J Studios: Read the full story here.

Community creation to check out: StarQuest

If you're looking for a pretty good and unique time playing Minecraft, the latest Community Creation feature may be your thing, titled StarQuest, this unique server gives you a lot of adventure and management in space.

"We took Minecraft and brought it to the space age. Design, build and fly your very own spaceship to any one of our nine magnificent custom-generated planets, where you can build your base using incredibly awesome advanced technology!"

You can do a lot in StarQuest, including going through a two-tracked rank structure to dominate the solar system, trading with people from different planets to get what you need (or resorting to piracy if you prefer the deviant method), protecting your settlement with the use of factions, and just enjoy your time in the stars.

*Excited for Titanfall? Now that the beta is open for the public, you can now try it for yourself, or check out this video comparison between the PC and Xbox One version.

One advantage here is that you don't need client mods. This means that you can connect with just a 1.7.2 Minecraft client, with all of the modifications being done on the server side, so all you need to do is play.

According to Minecraft Forum, StarQuest also has a real-time star map of other planets and players, so you can keep watch on what you may need to trade or gather beyond your planet. That's the thing with StarQuest--you may be based in one planet, but you can never live with just the resources on that one, so you will have to explore, trade with and visit other planets to get what you need.

Here is the link to StarQuest, where you can get started with the resource pack, as well as see a long list of features that you can enjoy with this server.

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