‘Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One’ Worlds and ‘Halo Mash-up Pack’ Teased

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After some quiet time on their awaited project, the "Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One," developer 4J Studios has teased a string of new screen shots for the two titles.

"Lots of people asking for PS4/Xbox One screenshots--will post some showing the view distance increase we're currently working on," said 4J Studios in response to fan query on their official Twitter account.

Hit the link to see the screenshots, and check out that very noticeable difference, with both screenshots for the "Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One" showcasing more landscapes and foliage in the distance on the map.

As far as numbers go with regard to the increase in world size, 4J Studios said, "We're currently trying out a world size increase of 36 times the area of the Xbox 360/PS4 world."

To see the comparison even better, Eurogamer has created quite a nice GIF of the "Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One" where ou could easily spot the difference and the addition in the two views.

This is in line with what 4J Studios has announced about the next-gen version of "Minecraft," where, even though the worlds are not infinite in size, it has a great degree of addition compared to the previous generation of consoles, possibly in order to take full advantage of the hardware that the PS4 and Xbox One have to offer.

So far, quite a number of things have been teased by 4J Studios on the upcoming "Minecraft" project, including the most recent teaser for the PS Vita version of the game.

"Halo" Mash-up Pack Also Coming

4J Studios has also teased more details and screenshots for the promised "Halo Mash-up Pack" for "Minecraft."

First teased as early as May 7, the "Halo Mash-up Pack" has since then been watched out for by fans of both the "Minecraft" and "Halo" franchise.

"Who's excited for the 'Minecraft Halo Mash-up Pack?' What Halo character do you want to see the most? We might post a picture," teased Halo Waypoint.

And as promised, the latest screenshot teaser came from Halo Waypoint's own Twitter account, "Take a first look at 343 Guilty Spark, the most requested "Minecraft" Halo character!"

That makes two teasers already, with the first one being Master Chief shown wielding a Needler. In any case, the release date for the "Minecraft Halo Mash-up Pack" is yet to be revealed.

The mash-up pack has already been confirmed not just by 4J Studios (by way of their informal teasing, as per usual) but also the Mojang team, developers of Minecraft. 

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