‘Minecraft’ PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita Release Date Announced, More ‘Halo’ Mash-Up Pack Screens Teased

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After weeks of waiting for announcements, Mojang has made it official: "Minecraft" on Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita will all be dropping to their respective consoles this August.

"Apologies for the delay, but putting Minecraft on new consoles is a serious business. People have been using phrases like 'logistically-speaking,' 'infinite terrain,' and 'platform parity' for months now," said the Mojang team over at the official Web site.

"We've decided that letting current players upgrade for a small fee is the best way to show our appreciation," Mojang added.

The developer has already broken down what to expect for each of the "Minecraft" versions. For the "Minecraft Xbox One Edition," not only will players get bigger worlds compared to "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" but they will also get all the features from the most recent update, the "Minecraft" TU16.

As announced previously, players can transfer saves from the "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" to the Xbox One, but this won't work the other way around due to the sheer size of the worlds.

Those expecting to play on the "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" should be warned that not all of the DLC skins and texture packs they already have on the "Minecraft Xbox 360" will be available to use on the upgrade. Mojang has promised to detail the reason, but the developer has mostly pinpointed it to "licensing deals."

'Minecraft' on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

As for Sony's side of "Minecraft," there are a few details between the PS3 and PS Vita. First is cross-buy is possible, so those who already have the "Minecraft PS3 Edition" can already get the PS Vita version for free. For those who are just about to buy and opt to go for the PS Vita first, cross-buy is still possible the other way around.

An interesting note here is saves are transferrable between the PS3 and PS Vita. This makes remote play for "Minecraft" PS3 and PS Vita very much a possibility.

For the "Minecraft PS4 Edition," the worlds will also be significantly bigger than the PS3 and PS Vita. Hence, PS3 and PS Vita saves are transferrable to the PS4 version, but not the other way around.

Similar to the "Minecraft Xbox One Edition," gamers should not expect all DLCs and texture packs to debut on the PS4 from the PS3 because of licensing deals.

All of the "Minecraft" Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita editions will cost $19.99 once they are released in 3 months' time. Those playing with the "Minecraft Xbox 360" or "Minecraft PS3" editions and have bought them from the Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN, respectively, will only need to pay $4.99 to upgrade.

Cross platform play is also not allowed, be it for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, and the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

'Halo' Mash-up Pack for 'Minecraft' Teasers

Amid news of the new "Minecraft" editions, the "Halo" Mash-up Pack is not forgotten as new screenshots have been made available.

4J Studios has announced new screenshots, which can be found over at the Play XBLA. The mentioned features coming with the "Minecraft Halo Mash-up pack" for the "Minecraft Xbox 360" is as follows:

  • Exclusive "Halo"-themed texture set
  • "Halo"-themed menus and user interface
  • New-look items inspired by "Halo"
  • 40 character skins
  • Music tracks from the series
  • Pre-made world featuring "Halo" locations.

Check out the locations screenshots here or the newer mob screenshots over here.

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