Minecraft PS4 Already in Certification, Bug Fixing for Xbox One, PS Vita as Snapshot 14w33a Gets Released

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The "Minecraft PS4 Edition" is done, at least one the side of developer 4J Studios, who announced the progress over the official Twitter page.

"We've handed 'Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition' over to Sony for final test!" 4J Studios said. This comes days after the developer has announced that the next-gen editions for "Minecraft" are still in the bug fixing stage.

However, the same cannot be said as of yet for the other two expected editions.

"We're still bug fixing Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft PS Vita. We'll give you news when we have it."

The "Minecraft PS4 Edition," "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" and "Minecraft PS Vita Edition" are all expected to be released in August, though 4J Studios, developer for the ported versions and Mojang have not yet specified any release dates.

Considering that half of the month has already passed, it may be that the new editions will be coming in before the month ends. Until now, the developer has not yet announced any delays, so it's still probably looking at an August release date.

New Snapshot Released by Mojang

After a barrage of snapshots for "Minecraft 1.8 update," developer Mojang has released another one touted as the Minecraft Snapshot 14w33a.

"It's snapshot time. After last week's snapshot, which did not include any changes at all, we decided to make this week's snapshot a little bit more interesting. So we added tons of new features, all of them disguised as bug fixes," Mojang said over the official website.

There is quite the long list of bug fixes, with some of the interesting ones include the following:

- Breaking coloured doors turns them into regular doors

- Correct sounds for beds

- Baby Bunnie's Name Tags

- Iron Golems do not target creepers

- Fence gates lock closed, and will not open from pressure plate activation

- Pick Block on a coloured door returns a regular door

Previous snapshots have added some new changes, including the red sandstone and armour stand additions, banners, optimizations, and threaded mob pathfinding.

Mojang has also previously announced that they are slowing down on the development to focus on optimizing and bug fixing or a smooth release of "Minecraft 1.8 update" though a release date has yet to be revealed.

"Minecraft 1.8 update" (Credit: YouTube/CaptainSparklez)

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