'Minecraft' PS3 Update Details with Skins and Texture Packs and a New Way to Play 'Minecraft' on Oculus Rift

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Developments of the "Minecraft" PS3 version is in high gear, as new updates have been announced by Mojang via the PlayStation Blog.

"The latest update to Minecraft PS3 brings Emeralds, Ender Chests, Zombie Villagers, and more. Cauldrons fill up in the rain! Wolf collars can be dyed! Pigs drop more porkchops! The list goes on," said Owen Hill of Mojang over at the PlayStation Blog.

What's more, Mojang has announced two skin packs coming out, which is the Skin Pack 1 featuring Nathan "Uncharted" Drake, folks from Heavy Rain, Killzone characters and Sly Cooper.

Another skin pack is the Battle and Beasts skin pack, where players can get koalas, cavemen, an octopus and even a Cleopatra look-alike. In addition to this, two texture packs are also coming out: the City Texture pack and the Plastic Texture pack, which have already been out for "Minecraft" Xbox 360.

Hill also responded to a fan query in terms of the projects for "Minecraft" in terms of the PS4 and PS Vita version. According to him, there's no date set for a PS Vita version as of yet, but will keep fans up to date if any comes along. The same goes for the PS4 release date, as 4J Studios is also very diligent in terms of any updates coming for the PS4 version of "Minecraft."

As far as 4J Studios is concerned, it looks like a couple of bugs have been targeted for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the latest update. Over at its official 4J Studios Twitter account, the developer stated that they are in the middle of fixing bugs and have already found 15 right now:

How to Play 'Minecraft' on the Oculus

After Facebook's big buyout of the Oculus Rift, Mojang's Notch has already made it clear that it wants nothing to do with the VR headset device, if only because Facebook creeps him out.

While acknowledging the fact that it can do well for social networks, the "Minecraft" creator prefers to work with games rather than explore the benefits of virtual reality on social media.

But in his statements, Notch has also previously hinted that "Minecraft" is not facing the end when it comes to virtual reality. After all, Sony's Project Morpheus has just been announced, and it seems like it's even more advanced and built better compared to the Oculus Rift.

Granted problems of exclusivity in "Minecraft" might make it a divide between the "Minecraft" PlayStation and Xbox owners, but that's a discussion for when Sony's VR headset becomes more of a staple brand rather than a developer's dream.

For now, the question of whether "Minecraft" can still be played via virtual reality has been asked, and Wired has found the right mod for it: "Minecrift." According to the source, Minecrift was mentioned by Notch himself, as it allows for using the game on the Oculus Rift.

It runs on "Minecraft" Forge and can even be used with the Razer Hydra. This is pretty much a motion tracker, not unlike the Wii Remote, which will allow for positional tracking. It's a fun try, and one that players can resort to if they want to console themselves after hearing the bad news.

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