'Minecraft' PS3 1.03 Update Released, 'Minecraft' Marvel Avengers Skin Pack Revealed and 'Minecraft' TU 14 Detailed

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4J Studios is hard at work in trying to keep fans satisfied with a number of updates. For those who have been waiting for the TU 14, this is what the developer has to say:

"TU 14 is in development. It'll be based on the Java 1.3.1 version, with a few things brought forward from later versions," said 4J Studios on its official Twitter account.

As for those who are playing on the PS3, Patch 1.03 is ready for download. "Patch 1.03 for #MinecraftPS3 is rolling out now in Europe, Australia & New Zealand," the developer posted in a different tweet.

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4J Studios has also released the full patch notes for the bug fix. Some of the issues that have been dealt with the latest fix include the multiplayer/splitscreen that can cause save file corruption, memory issues causing freezes, inability to join games, lighting problems and Ghasts firing at certain angles.

The complete patch notes is listed over at MinecraftForum.net.

'Minecraft' Avengers Pack Now Out

Another pack is out for "Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition," which is the "Minecraft" Marvel Avengers pack. There is a huge selection of skins for these heroes, which include Iron Man, The Hulk, Loki, Black Widow and Hawk Eye.

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According to Venture Beat, the "Minecraft" Marvel Avengers skin pack is out for $3 on Xbox Live. The question is when it will debut on the PS3 as well.

Check out the trailer below to see the heroes in their blocky glory:

(Credit: YouTube/GamesHQMedia)

'Minecraft' Snapshot 14w04a

As previously promised by Mojang, it will be releasing the snapshots for "Minecraft" 1.8 update, and the latest of these snapshots has yielded a long list of fixes.

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"Minecraft" snapshot 14w04a features a number of additions for survival, such as changes in village AI, looting having 1 per cent chance of rare loot per level; Iron Golems and Zombie Pigmen dropping items on normal kills; allowed spawning of Iron Golems, Snow Golems and Withers with dispensers and pumpkin or skulls; and item frames now giving a signal by Comparators.

The long list of fixes for "Minecraft" snapshot 14w04a has a number of fixes from the two previous snapshots, and some of them include the following:

- Ladder, sign, fence, gate, trapdoor causes block it is placed in to darken

- Withers are harmed by the explosions of their Wither Skulls

- Stone monster eggs Spawn 2 Silverfish

- Lava spreads further than it should

- /difficulty doesn't update on single player

- The world freezes if an Enderman is being hit

- Skin Layers appear to be off when traveling through Portals.

Check out the complete list of bug fixes in the link above. The link also provides access to the new "Minecraft" Snapshot 14w04a. All gamers have to do is follow the simple instructions on how to open the snapshot in their launcher.

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