'Minecraft' Followers or Killers? Towards the Voxel Generation with 'Planets3' and 'Trove'

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While "Minecraft" is the pioneer of voxel games, it's quite obvious that it will no longer just be the only one of its kind, especially not after the success that it has enjoyed. Given this, there are now some new games that are vying for the attention of "Minecraft" loyalists, as they try to entice by adding another dimension that sets them apart from the great predecessor.

To date, there are two notable "Minecraft"-like games that are worth checking out in the market. These are "Trove" and "Planets3."

'Trove': Building, Destroying, Evolving

A game from Trion Worlds introduced back in December, "Trove" appears to be the same as other games that are trying to emulate the style and appearance of "Minecraft." But at the core of "Trove" lies something more than just your average "copycat."

VG 24/7 sat down with designer Andrew Krausnick to discuss the direction of "Trove" and how its dealing with the common assumptions that it is just "another rip-off" of the widely enjoyed voxel game.

Instead of just being a purely creation game, "Trove" offers progressive combat and a way to progress through the levels of the game by heavily hinging it on the idea that gamers need to destroy worlds to gain and enter a new level when they get into a new world.

"This means we as a dev team can spend worthwhile time making new types of content for each fresh world and creating rule sets for not only new worlds but also new adventure experiences---like dungeons, towers, castles---that are meaningfully different each time a new world is created," said Mr Krausnick to VG 24/7.

Apart from this, there are new classes included in the combat, and a core feature of the sandbox game is that it has to be an online title that lets gamers play their character anywhere and connect with friends when they do. Basically, the attraction of the game can be seen in the varying worlds and rules that run each one.

And the idea is to play in an RPG setting with character progression, fighting enemies in the different worlds and the freedom to create a world in gamers' own Cornerstones, which is the lot of land granted to players. With community creations being at the heart of the game, it can give players access to limitless content and adventure.

Currently, the game is in alpha mode, and the developers are still trying to find their way to developing the game and taking early feedback into consideration. For them, it's a continually evolving journey in creating the building tool and ensuring that the game's mechanics, while mirroring "MInecraft's" main points, are unique to "Trove" in its own way.

'Planet3': Exploring and Sharing Worlds with Friends

Another game that works with the voxel genre is "Planet3," though apart from the voxel-based style, there is much more in terms of diversity and difference that it offers "Minecraft" gamers and all others who want into voxel gaming.

Cinema Blend reports that while, on one level, "Planet3" offers mining activities like "Minecraft," it still allows for customisation of vehicles and items that players create. Players can break down weapons and modify items, which give it an edge in terms of the survival modes that the game offers.

Similar to "Trove," there are different worlds---or this time, planets---that gamers can explore and even change, depending on where the player aims to take the game to.

Sharing the worlds as modified by the players is also something that it offers and even encourages. So if players make any changes, the data will be stored in the host server and will be reflected for all the clients to play with.

It does share good qualities that make "Minecraft" as addictive as it is, but given that voxel games are now more than just "Minecraft," it's expected that there will be these kinds of games appearing to form a genre of their own.

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