Minecraft Candy Texture Pack Now Out, PS4 and Xbox One Version Discussed and Featured Mods

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The much-awaited Minecraft Candy Texture pack, which will transform your world into the pastel-coloured wonderland fit for Willy Wonka has already been released.

4J Studios has recently announced the Candy Texture pack alongside a couple of screenshots, showcasing the candy wonderland of pinks and purples. They have also linked a pretty sweet view of the candy land textures, so be sure to check that out to know what you are getting.

The Minecraft Candy Texture pack (via vOriginzMC YouTube)

Aside from announcing the Minecraft Candy Texture pack, 4J Studios has given a slight update on their current projects on their Twitter account.

"The main thing we're working on is Minecraft Editions for Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita, and Patch 1.06 for PS3."

The last tease that 4J Studios has given for these projects was in a screenshot following a celebration of 70% sale over at XBLA, though fans have cleverly deduced that there was more to the screenshot of the dark rum, as what appears to be a Minecraft PS4 edition snapshot is seen in the TV behind it.

The Patch 1.06 for the PS3 has also been hinted to have a couple of texture and skin packs for the PS3, which would be something to look forward to. Other fans have also been speculating that Minecraft TU16 for the Xbox 360 and Patch 1.06 for PS3 will bring a number of updates, though the developer has not yet specified what exactly these may be.

The Redstone paste mod

For the mod in focus, Minecraft Forum has spotted a new mod that features the red stone as the main player.

The new mode, dubbed the Redstone Paste Mod from FyberOptic, allows players to make use of a new redstone material that will let you transmit signals across various surfaces. The use of the paste is what makes the difference. Compared to the redstone, which has very limited capacity and placement, the redstone paste can be applied on any surface of the block face, so you can direct redstone current in a direction you want.

The source also states that, unlike redstone wiring, where you would have to tear down the whole thing for an update or fix, you now have to only improve one small section of the structure.

The Redstone Paste Mod (explored by Youtube user Unspeakable Gaming)

Hit the link for the mod source and start exploring what you can do with the Redstone Paste. It has the recipe for crafting the pieces of paste, as well as the necessary components to get you started.

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