Minecraft All Geared Up to Take on the Raspberry Pi Platform

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Minecraft for the Raspberry Pi is now steamrolling and ready for access by fans of both the hugely popular game and the extremely portable platform, combining the promises of affordable amusement and learning programming chops.

Mojang.com opened up on Monday the gates for Raspberry owners to get a taste of Minecraft Pi Edition, providing this link: http://pi.minecraft.net/, where the marriage between the two entities is discussed in details including the download and installation guides. Everything is almost free save for the Pi, which requires coughing up bits of cash

For the uninitiated, Raspberry Pi has gained popularity for creating the channel to pick up some coding abilities without asking too much cash. And the best part, Pi is hardly a killjoy and Mojang.com puts it best by characterising the platform as a "credit card-sized computer that can help you learn to program in an accessible, fun way."

Set up is a breeze and mainly entails the acquisition of Raspberry Pi (the easiest part of the whole equation) and connecting it to a monitor or televisions set, a mouse and a keyboard plus the option of tapping a network connection for optimal access to online resources.

For the quick guide on this exciting project plus other information that you want to know before taking the plunge, head out to these helpful links: http://www.raspberrypi.org/quick-start-guide and http://www.raspberrypi.org/.

Note, however, that becoming a Minecrafter by way of the miniscule ARM-powered PC has its shares of limitation.

Porting Minecraft on Pi reduces "the chances that you'll be creating virtual electronics with a device that was originally meant for very real electronics," Engadget said.

But the upside is "it is a chance to create blocky virtual worlds on a computer that costs less than a good night on the town," the same Engadget report added.

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