'The Mindy Project: Season 3' Spoilers, What to Expect for this Season

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Mindy Kaling, producer and writer for the hit series, "The Mindy Project," has signed on for another season. The series will be back with Season 3, with more of their funny antics and life of a woman looking for the man of her dreams in New York City.

Chris Messina who plays Mindy's love interest in the series set sparks flying after the Season 2 series finale where they found each other on the roof top of the Empire State Building. Fans were ecstatic that their characters, Mindy Lahiri (played by Mindy Kaling) and Danny Castellano (Chris Messina), finally got back together and started talking about kids.

"The Mindy Project," has gained a huge following. Kaling was even asked to give a Speech at the Harvard Law graudation, where she filled her speech with humor and reality in which the graduates of the Harvard 2014 class laughed and clapped to.

Read here full speech here: Mindy Kaling's Harvard Law Class Day Speech: 7 Funniest Quotes from the star.

The series, which shows the empowerment of an Asian woman in New York City overcoming the norms of basic everyday things to find the man of her dreams is something that every woman can relate to.

"The Mindy Project," will return for season 3. The posters for the third season are already out and fans are loving the photo of the main cast which includes Mindy Kaling, Ed Week and Chris Messina.

Read more about it here: The Mindy Project Returns And Mindy Kaling Says What We're All Thinking from the Huffington Post.

Spoiler alert: Mindy and Danny might just be the match made for each other but obviously everything isn't going to go that easily when it comes to their romantic relationship at the work place. 

This season, get ready for more of Mindy's witty lines and romantic scenes of humor and fun. Fans can't wait for the whole new season of "The Mindy Project."

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