Mimi Faust’s Scandalous Tape with Boyfriend Nikko Smith: Joseline Hernandez Thrashes Mimi’s Racy Video calls it ‘Granny Porn’

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It looks like things are turning nasty between Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez. VH1 released the official "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Season 3 super trailer featuring Mimi talking about her new sex tape with boyfriend Nikko Smith and Joseline is not cool about it. Recently, Vivid.com's boss Steve Hirsch announced "Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta" will be released later this month.

However, Joseline is not at all impressed by Mimi's raunchy sex tape. She took to Instgaram to vent out her frustration on Monday, April 14.

"If you going to f- on camera, at least be a freak not a boring 45 year ol lady. What they got this hoe under. Granny porn?" wrote Joseline about Mimi's new racy video.

"Don't be scared now you let them set you up I been knew about that hoe like I know about every hoe now your hoe gona get That a**woop."

Joseline did not stop herself and went on to bash Mimi on Twitter as well.

Joseline slammed Mimi by tweeting that her boyfriend Nikko "got that Christmas package."

Wetpaint noted that Joseline, who worked as a stripper, is not new to the whole sex tape business. As a matter of fact, she had her own series of sex scandals including a leaked raunchy video online. In this video, Joseline is making love to self.

Now, Mimi Faust is ready to unveil her sex tape in the market, Joseline is going all critical about the film.  Mimi is the mother of three-year-old Eva, who is Joseline's stepdaughter.

Also, Joseline is not happy with Mimi becoming a nuisance in her relationship with Tammy Rivera, who is a newcomer.

The trailer shows Mimi telling Tammy that eventually Joseline will backstab her and it looks like Joseline is on her way to create a list of enemies.

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Season 3 starts Monday, May 5 on VH1. 

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