Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith Sex Tape: Mimi’s Ex-Boyfriend Worried about Daughter Plus Nikko Write Songs about ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star and Shower Rods

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"Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" star Mimi Faust and her boyfriend released their sex tape and it has affected many people. Stevie J. is one of them. He is Mimi's co-star from the show and ex who also shares a daughter with her. Benzino revealed in an interview that his pal is worried about his daughter after her mother decided to share the tape with the world. Meanwhile, Nikko Smith has composed a song about Mimi and shower rods.

Benzino shared Stevie's main concern in a radio interview on "The Morning Madhouse."

He told that his "main concern is his daughter and the welfare of his child."

According to Wetpaint, Stevie is going to do anything to ensure his child is safe. In the "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" Season 3 trailer, Stevie meets Mimi and warns her that he would hire a lawyer to make sure that his daughter is fine.

Benzino admitted that he cannot judge Mimi and her doings, but she should have given the release of the sex tape a thought.

Nikko Writes Song About Shower Rods and Mimi Faust

It looks Nikko's creative juices are overflowing as he pens down a new song about shower rods. He unveiled the song on April 16 at a popular nightclub in Atlanta. TMZ has a copy of the song.

Check out the song "New Shower Rod," here.

According to Wetpaint, Nikko sings about Mimi who makes him unpredictable when it comes to their sessions behind closed doors. As a matter of fact, Nikko and Mimi do it "anywhere."

The Web site suggested that song should be a part of the original soundtrack of "Mimi & Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta."

The song also features parts of Mimi and Nikko's conversation during the super trailer of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" Season 3. He calls Mimi his movie star.

What do you think about Nikko's song for Mimi and shower rods?

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