Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith Sex Tape: Mimi Wants to Earn Money by Releasing the Racy Video

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"Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" Star Mimi Faust talked about her sex tape with boyfriend Nikko Smith in the episode aired on May 7. She revealed that she is not willing to let people watch the tape for free. Mimi is ready to release the tape and make money out of it.

After Mimi came to know that her racy tape was leaked she freaked out.

"As if having my naked a** plastered all over the internet wasn't enough, today I wake up, and Nikko tells me that the biggest porn company in the world wants us to fly to LA because they have our sex tape. What the f**k!" said Mimi, reported by HollywoodLife.com.

The reality TV actress stated that her life changed completely because Nikko misplaced the camera. ,she is a "porn star by default."

Nikko suggested that the couple should meet Vivid Entertainment. However, Mimi was worried about her daughter and wanted to smack Nikko. Despite the fight, they decided to go to Los Angeles and meet Stevie, head of Vivid Entertainment.

Steve told the couple that he obtained the tape and now wanted to distribute it. Upset Mimi asked him how he got the tape in the first place, but Vivid Entertainment boss declined to reveal the source. He explained Mimi and Nikko that they can make a lot of money by releasing it.

"What the f**k! One day I'm a mom, and the next day I'm sending out my sex tape? Am I supposed to be happy about this opportunity? Because I'm not!"

Mimi decided that if the tape will be leaked in the market in some or the other way, why not sign the deal.

Her friends were unhappy as they didn't know about the tape. Mimi told her buddies that she signed the deal made by a big adult entertainment company.

"I can let this tape run around for free or I can be a f*cking business woman about this sh*t and capitalize off of it...that's what I'm gonna do!"

Apparently, Mimi signed the deal as she wanted to use the money for her daughter's welfare.

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