Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith Sex Tape: K. Michelle Jealous, Shares Racy Instagram Photo Plus Mimi Reveals Stevie Can’t Have Eva

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Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith's "Scandal in Atlanta" sex tape seems to be getting a lot of attention. Looks like Mimi's co-star from "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" K. Michelle is jealous that she is getting all the limelight. Recently, Michelle takes the matters to Instagram and posts racy pictures. Meanwhile, Mimi opens up about Stevie and their daughter Eva.

Michelle shares two topless photos in thongs on Instagram. Check out the picture, here and here.

According to Mstars News, Michelle left Atlanta and to join "Love & Hip Hop NY" back in 2012. Also, VH1 is set to showcase Michelle in her own spin-off series in mid-2014.

Meanwhile, VH1 talks to Mimi Faust about her sex tape, her daughter Eva and ex Stevie J. Mimi reveals that although Stevie desperately wants to the custody of their daughter Eva, but he can't due to other custody cases he is battling.

"He can't, like he's already going through a custody case with his other two children. So, it would be ridiculous and asinine. He's not even doing what he needs to do for those, but you're gonna try and take this one? Yeah, more bark than bite absolutely," says Mimi to VH1.

The star also explains that she doesn't have any fears about how she is going to explain her act to Eva as there are other things to worry about like school shootings and stabbings.

"I don't have any fears about it. Like, really there's gonna be a whole lot worse things that I'm gonna have to explain to my daughter, besides mommy making love to her man. What about when she has to go to high school and there are kids stabbing other kids in school? Or the fear of getting shot up in school? There's so many other worse, horrible things in this world that I will have to sit down and explain to Eva then this," explains Mimi.

She also says that she didn't do anything wrong as she made love to someone who she is still with. Nikko assures Mimi that he is ready to sit and talk with Eva about the sex tape. 

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