Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith Scandalous Tape: Reality Star’s Buddies Think Nikko Leaked the Racy Video

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Mimi Faust talks about sex tape to her girlfriends Erica Dixon and Ariane Davis in "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Season 3, Episode 2 "Leaked." The sex tape featuring Mimi and boyfriend Nikko is set to hit the markets. However, her friends have already started talking about who leaked the tape in the first place.

According to VH1's video clip, Ariane and Erica talk about the racy photos from Mimi and Nikko's video. Ariane declares that she thinks Nikko is the person behind the alleged leak.

"Nikko don't give a s- at all about Mimi. In the pictures, you can really see his face," says Ariane. She adds that he is not right and something is not right.

"I kinda seen something before, but you know when you go... maybe I'm just looking a little too deep? And then when I saw the pictures, I was just like..." adds Erica as she agrees to Ariane's statements.

They also come up with theories about who can leak the photos. According to them, Nikko is the one who can do such an act. However, they also mention that Mimi will come up with some excuse about the leaked images.

Meanwhile, Erica is worried about the effects of the leaked sex tape on Mimi's daughter, Eva. Erica explains that she is a mother and always thinks about her daughter, Emani first.

"She has to deal with it. Firsthand at some point," says Erica.

Ariane hops in and declares that Mimi and Nikko are cruel to kids. They hope that Mimi will understand and see through Nikko and accept that he is nothing but an opportunist.

However, it has not been revealed if Nikko has something to do with leaking the screenshots from the sex tape.

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" airs on Monday on VH1. 

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