Miley's Family Keeps Their Promise, Launches First Episode of 'Seriously Cyrus' with Mommy Tish [ WATCH HERE]

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Miley Cryus has got one really happening family. After announcing last week that they will start the "Seriously Cyrus" reality television YouTube channel, Miley's mom Tish Cyrus has kicked off the first episode of her talk show "Truly Tish." Miley's mommy looks graceful and classy as she dishes out some serious advice on hair and showcases different products to help people who have thin or falling hair!

Woah..wish Miley's mother advice could help save her daughter's luscious hair from being chopped off into a pixie cut. Jokes apart, Tish also has a guest Grace Helbig - a vlogger (one who dabs into video blogs) who advises people on hair and it's upkeep.

"So excited my episode of Truly Tish is up! Thank you @gracehelbig for being my first guest!," posted Tish Cyrus on Twitter after the first episode was aired. The first episode kicks off with Miley's song "Wrecking Ball" played in the background.

Miley's beautiful mother did a good job to present the first episode on the Miley's family channel. The guest Grace Helbig did an equally fantastic job to entertain and keep the energy of the show. Miley's mommy also showed off a silk pillow with Miley's face on it!

The Cyrus family is working full time to keep the episodes running. If Monday belonged to Miley's mother, Tuesday belongs to her elder sister Brandi Cyrus.

"Get ready for Brandi's episode tomorrow!," wrote "Seriously Cyrus" on YouTube some time back.

Do you think Miley's mother Tish did a better job than Kim Kardashian's mommy Kris Jenner, who too has a similar show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians ?" The comparisons are definitely going to be there as both families have famous daughters and have their reality shows. Both families are cashing in on their famous daughters' names as they launch the reality television channels.

What do you think Brandi will have in store for us? Who cares as everyone must be waiting for Miley to be featured on the show. Let's wait and watch.


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