Miley Goes Topless for 'Adore You' Song Cover, Scandalous in Video

By @definemaych on

The new single of Miley Cyrus is now out with a racy photo of her topless while wearing a long black wig. The song "Adore You" is not like any of her recent songs that are loud and chaotic, which most people would really like to listen to. However, the cover for the song really showed her style as she bared her upper torso.

Many people commented that although she looked beautiful and sexy, posing topless for the cover is just not art. The video for the song is just as scandalous because she was wearing almost nothing and may even have a slight similarity to Madonna's "Justify My Love" video which was just as controversial when it was released.

In the "Adore You" video, Miley was seen putting her hands down her thong and seems to be like she is trying to pleasure herself. Then the video shifts to a different location wherein the young Pop star is seen in a skimpy black lace outfit inside the bath.

This is definitely like cherry on top of an icing on the cake in which fans and critics alike don't know what else the Pop diva might do in the near future. She has outdone herself in shooting this racy video. Billy Ray Cyrus has yet to comment on the recent turn of events involving his daughter.

"I said I was going to take a year off before I made this record, but it's hard to take a break. It's almost depressing when you're not working," Miley said to the Rolling Stones in an interview. Hollywood insiders believe that this might have been fueled by the failed engagement between her and Liam Hemsworth.

On the other hand, the recent rumors of Liam and Nina Dobrev hooking up are also not helping since they live in a single Hollywood sphere. Miley is just keeping herself busy with her "Bangerz" tour to get her mind off her former love. It may seem like she has gone out of control though. Her fans are still be her side though, even if she has turned into a complete opposite of her old image.

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