Miley Cyrus Video, Trending: Racy Music Vid Goes Viral, Sparks Memes; Ariana Grande Loves It! [PHOTOS]


The new Miley Cyrus video is going viral and drawing much flak for its racy content. Not everyone's hating on Miley, though. Celeb Ariana Grande, who has nearly 7 million followers on Twitter, loves the new video. In fact, Ariana's shout-out to Miley has gone viral, too.

The Hannah Montana star has stressed too many times she is not a child anymore. But it seems the issue for many critics is not about Miley Cyrus acting all grown up. It's not even about "We can't stop," the music track. It's Miley's particular brand of "sexy" that's offensive for many social media haters.

Huffington Post ran a story on "cringe-worthy moments" in the new Miley Cyrus video. The site listed Miley's "excessive posterior shots," "tonguing a giant barbie doll," and "dancing teddy bears," among others.

Twitter users are reacting, too, and there have been a number of weirded-out viewers. Several memes have been posted, saying, "I'm Miley Cyrus and you're watching Disney Channel."

"We can't stop reacting badly," seems to be the trend related to the new video, which itself is trending on Twitter and YouTube.

As for Ariana Grande, she "smiled the whole time" while watching Miley Cyrus get on with her antics for "We Can't Stop."

'Start' the slideshow to see 'Hannah Montana' and 'Disney' memes going around social media in reaction to Miley Cyrus' new video.

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