Miley Cyrus Top Videos of The Week: Dance with Noah Cyrus and 'Catfight' of Fans!

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Miley Cyrus just loves her cell phone camera so much that any chance she grabs, she loves to make use of it. Recently, the "Bangerz" beauty took out her cell phone right in the middle of one of her concerts when she saw two women fighting. The entire video was captured by Cyrus and she even shared it on her Instagram page!

The incident took place when Miley was performing in Detroit. One woman is seen pushing and getting thrown on another woman who in turn pushes her away forcefully. Miley could only capture half of the alleged "catfight" between the two women but the video was captured fully by another onlooker. Check out the Miley video below and fan video here.

Miley has also been busy shooting other funny videos with her little sister Noah Cyrus. In one of the videos posted on Miley's timeline, Miley is seen dancing to hit song "Smack That" with Noah. Both sisters seem to be good at the hip hop dancing and even add some of their own twerking moves to the performance. Miley is seen dancing in a very short grey crop top which she paired with shorts. Noah is also seen wearing a crop top but wears a baggy pajama below.

It's good to see Miley back to leading a normal life and finally smiling. The 21-year-old singer went into depression after the sudden death of her beloved dog Floyd some time back. The singer was often tweeting about how much pain she is in and how the death has affected her emotionally. Miley even dedicated a song to her dog in one of her concerts.

Seeing her condition, Miley's mom Tish Cyrus even gifted her small pup named Moonie soon after. The singer was seen with the new pup for few days but said she is not able to give her love to anyone at this stage as she is emotionally broken. She has finally given up Moonie for adoption as she says she has not overcome her grief of her beloved dog Floyd.

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