Miley Cyrus Talks About Sex With Justin Bieber After Selena Gomez Dumped Him

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Miley Cyrus has upped her ante against the rumour which accuses her of having sex with Justin Bieber. The "Wrecking Ball" songstress went on to Twitter to deny all the allegations where she is being linked to Justin Bieber and alleges that she"avoids" Selena Gomez at the parties. The 21-year-old also denied some other rumours that she is acting in a Tinker Bell movie.

"Btw this is photoshopped. Biebs wasn't at Pharrels bday party. I never read this shit & that's why," Miley said in one of her Tweets on Tuesday which shows a picture of her with Justin at a party thrown by Pharrel. The "Bangerz" beauty also added that the picture of her standing next to Justin Bieber that was shown in a Life & Style magazine's story is also manipulated! The story claimed that Selena Gomez and her friends were planning to take revenge on Miley for having sex with Bieber.

"The Ultimate Betrayal: Selena's convinced that Justin and Miley were seeing each other behind her back last year says a source close to "Slow Down" singer. Just days after Selena dumped him, Miley spent the night at Justin's house," the story claimed along with a picture. Miley has in fact said in her previous interviews to Rolling Stone magazine that she has "mentored" Justin. They both have been good friend but never linked romantically. In the wake of recent troubles that Justin Bieber is facing, Miley also offered a good piece of advice to the singer. "Pay people to make sure you don't get in trouble, and party at your house. Buy a house and add a club to it," Miley told in an interview with E! Online.

On Tuesday, Miley also quashed another story from Star Report magazine which says the singer has been roped in to play Tinker Bell in a musical along with Carrie Underwood. "I would rather choke on my own tongue," Miley said in one of her tweets along with a screen grab of the story which reads, "Just Call Her Twerker Bell." The story also went on to say that since Miley has short hair, she resembles the fairy tale character and would be perfect to play it!

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