Miley Cyrus Still Not Over Floyd's Death, Trying to Communicate with Pet through Telepathy

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Miley Cyrus
Miley decided she wanted to get healthy and toned, so she began a gluten free diet, along with a regular workout. REUTERS/Olivia Harris

Miley may already have a new dog, but this does not mean she's over Floyd. In fact, she misses him so much she needed to have a psychic contact the loving pet who passed away due to an unfortunate coyote attack.

Mirror UK reports that Miley Cyrus consulted the services of animal medium Melissa Bacelar. According to the medium, Miley's grief for her dog is understandable, even though a lot of people do not necessarily understand it.

"It was particularly hard as [Miley] wasn't there when Floyd died, so there would have been a huge amount of guilt," shared Melissa.

"I connect with the dog telepathically. Some will give me actual words but, most of the time, I will get images and feelings, which I then pass on to the owner."

This meeting was probably set after Miley realized how bad she still misses Floyd. The realization might have been made after she got a new tattoo in memory of Floyd. Her friends were in fact, very supportive when she got the tattoo. Miley posted pictures of where she and her friends got matching tattoos of Floyd at a house party.

Miley have shared various images of the process before finally showing the finished product. She captioned the photo with: "#withalittlehelpfrommyfwends #housepartygreentonguefloydtats (sic)"

No matter how much she misses Floyd though, the flamboyant singer is spending a lot of time with her new dog. In fact, when an Internet hoax claiming Miley's death circulated, Miley barely had the time to address the issue. Hollywood Life reports that Miley took a while to respond to the death hoax issue because it was insignificant compared to the time spent with her pup.

"Miley is just laying low and hanging out with her new dog and just relaxing," a source told Hollywood Life. "She is aware of the death hoax and thought it was actually pretty funny. By not responding, she thinks it is that much more of a joke because people are continuing to believe it."

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