Miley Cyrus' smoking salvia boosts sales, renews calls for ban

By @ibtimesau on

Miley Cyrus may have bolstered the sale of hallucinogen salvia after she was reported smoking the herb last week. Stores said sales of the herb have  tripled after the video showing Cyrus with a bong was released online.

In a video obtained by entertainment Web site TMZ, Cyrus can be heard saying she was having a "bad trip" after spotting a lookalike of Hemsworth. Reports say that the teenage star was hallucinating after she smoked salvia, a herb known to have psychedelic effect.

Miley was not doing anything illegal. Salvia can be legally obtained in the state of California where the incident  allegedly occurred.  At the time the video was taken, Miley was already of legal age.

According to TMZ, sales of the herb salvia divinorum increased with people just walking in the stores and asking for the "stuff that Miley Cyrus was smoking."

Salvia belong to the same family as mint. The herb can be smoked like a cigarette, chewed, or smoked in a pipe or bong as what Miley did. It produces an intense effect  similar to marijuana and LSD, which is the reason why sellers say that salvia should only be tried once because of its intense effect.

Now, the buzz over Miley Cyrus' latest stunt has renewed calls to ban salvia in California. Anthony Adams, a former California State Assemblyman, has called Miley as irresponsible, and should have not smoked salvia because kids emulate her. Adams is calling for an outright ban of salvia.



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