Miley Cyrus Shocks Audience: Puts Microphone Close to her Crotch Area in a Provocative Act

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At her latest Bangerz concert in Atlanta, Miley Cyrus has left nothing to imagination, exposing almost all her body parts. The singer not only displayed her "singing vagina," but she also exposed her bums, legs and other body parts, striking different provocative poses on the stage. The "Wrecking Ball" songstress wore a cannabis printed single piece green dress, which did not cover her private parts, properly. Miley Cyrus made no attempt to fix her highly revealing dress.   

At one moment in the show, the 21-year-old songstress relaxed her back on the hood of the car, which was kept on the stage as a prop, and exposed her crotch area to the audience. With her right leg up above in the air, Miley held the microphone close to her crotch area, which was barely covered. Was she trying to show the audience that her private parts can sing? Well, she was just being Miley! The audience, however, did not complain and according to reports, they were seen enjoying the provocative stunt. Miley's singing vagina has become a craze on the social media. Check out the tweet here.

This was one of the provocative poses that Miley displayed in front of the audience at her Wednesday night concert in Atlanta. The singer also spread her legs wide open and even put her hands in her crotch area, exposing the bums. All her stunts were performed using the car as a prop. Check out Miley pics here.

This is not the first time that Miley has shocked the audience with her antics. More recently, Miley became a water hose and spit water on her audience in the front row. She filled the water in her mouth and poured a stream of it at the audience and it seemed everyone enjoyed this stunt, too. Other Miley Cyrus stunt includes the stuffing her mouth with a used thong from the audience and even impersonating Monika Lewinsky and Bill Clinton sex scandal. The singer faked giving oral sex to a Bill Clinton look alike when she kicked off her concert on Valentine's Day.

Miley's "Bangerz" tour ends in June. Her fans still have two months where they can see the singer come up with various provocative poses or new shocking antics to keep them entertained.

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