Miley Cyrus Shocking Picture Shows Her Using a Sex Toy: Is She Going Too Far with Her Bizarre Acts ?

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Miley Cyrus loves to shock her fans. The latest method she has used to shock her Twitter followers is by posing with a hand-shaped sex toy in one of her pictures. Miley Cyrus is seen holding the artificial hand along with her face in one picture and other picture shows her using the same very artificial hand, which her fans believe is a sex toy of some sort, on her other body parts.

The first picture shows Miley sitting in her room coyly. The only caption available for the picture is "#tourlife." She places that artificial hand on her cheek and poses for the camera. Check out the picture here. Her fans have been wondering if this is Miley's real hand or a sex toy called a dildo. It is difficult to make out if it is Miley's real hand or not as Miley used her t-shirt as disguise.

Other picture shows Miley's shorts and black t-shirts. One can see Miley Cyrus' real hand holding the artificial hand. So the doubt becomes clear that the hand is indeed artificial and Miley is holding a sex toy. Check out here.

Teenage gossip Web site has confirmed that what Miley is using for pleasure is in fact called "Hand of Adonis Dildo" which is also available on various Web sites selling sex toys. Ocean Up also has a screenshot of the Web site where this sex toy is available. Check out here.

"Sexy Miley poses provocatively with a dildo on her face," says the Web site in the caption of Miley's story.

"It's, uh... It's a toy of some kind, one that a VERY WORLDLY adult might play with while listening to the "Adore You" singer's jam, "Feelin' Myself." Hey, Miley, you wanna clarify using Emoji?," writes

"I just realized that's not ur arm," writes Lanadelray, one of Miley's followers on Twitter.

"Is that a dildo," writes another Twitter user Zayn.

It is not the first time that Miley has used something provocative. She became famous in 2013 when she used that foam finger while performing at the Video Music Awards at MTV. Miley is one marketing genius that can do anything to stay in news always. Her marketing tactics are working. What are your views?

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