Miley Cyrus Sells, Graces Cover of Seventeen Magazine Without her Approval Too!

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Recently, Miley Cyrus was seen on the cover of Elle magazine where she wore a stylish Mar Jacobs designer wear and appeared with all her Miley-ish attitude. But surprisingly, she even appeared on the cover page of Seventeen magazine, which is also co-owned by the same company that owns Elle. Readers may ask, what's the big deal? Well, it is a big deal because Seventeen used Miley Cyrus on their magazine cover without her approval, WWD is reporting.

Miley Cyrus is the most wanted star in today's time and enjoys huge popularity with both the teenagers and the young crowd. The moment she appears on a magazine cover, it is bound to be a best seller. Her crazy antics, outlandish choice of clothes and rock-punk attitude makes her the best choice for any magazine cover be it Elle, Rolling Stones magazine, Cosmopoliton or W. But Miley is clearly choosy about which magazine she wants to appear on and which she doesn't.

Seventeen is a magazine that represents teenagers and is more associated with Disney channel too. Miley has left her Disney past behind and is clearly focusing on projecting her image as an adult pop star. She doesn't want to do any kid stuff hence she declined the proposal to appear on Seventeen magazine and chose to get featured on its more mature version - Elle.

"She's very, very selective when it comes to magazine covers," a source close to Miley Cyrus told WWD. "Miley declined Seventeen and denied being a part of it, completely."

However, the readers of Seventeen magazine still enjoy reading about anything that is related to Miley Cyrus and hence the management team at Seventeen were desperate to put Miley on the cover.

"Seventeen readers love Miley Cyrus, and we cover her every chance we get," said a Seventeen spokesperson. "She ranked high on the March issue's Girl Power List. Our readers asked for more, so we responded as quickly as possible. Miley's currently on tour promoting 'Bangerz,' so what better time than now to celebrate her and give our readers what they want."

So, Miley is on Seventeen with no exclusive interview and no special photo shoots. The magazine has used various snapshots of the "Wrecking Ball" artist along with some of her previous quotes and created the issue. Do you think this is enough to quench the thirst of the Miley Cyrus fans or have they been cheated?

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