Miley Cyrus Reaches 12 Million Followers on Twitter: Her Best Tweets & Twitpics to Date [PHOTOS]


Teen queen, Miley Cyrus finally reaches a staggering 12 million followers on the social networking site Twitter. The former Disney star even made a point to tweet all about the numbers. Check out "im a dime. best top of the line. cute face slim waist with a BIG behind" most memorable tweets and twitpics through the years.

After reaching twelve million followers on Twitter, Miley certainly won't be deleting her Twitter account any longer. Despite some hateful followers sending her rude tweets and death threats, Miley continues to use the social networking site.

In celebration of Miley's twelve million, here are a few memorable tweets by the pop star.

"Gave a hug to Rob Pattinson today. Ok girls I get it now. So cute. Sorry "Robby" bout all my bashing in my past."

"For all the people calling me the "next Britney" THANK U. I couldn't ask for a better compliment : )"

"I wonder if when 'sleeping beauty' wakes up she has morning breath?"

"Had my nightly cup of tea & now its time to go off into some crazy dreamland! I hope I am dating Peter Pan again! That's my favorite dream!"

"It might be hard to say good-bye but I'm finally able to fly. You weren't nothing but a waste of time. I'm headed for the sky."

"i bought hair dye at ralphs and colored my own hair! and surprisingly it is my FAV color ever! Miley Cyrus = singer/actress/ hairdresser"

"Im sure these haters would make their idols much happier tweeting bout their music rather than wishing death upon their peers like psychos. Btw im not saying Smilers can't act cray cray too. #deaththreats #TOOOOFAR."

"I'm with every other @justinbieber fan. I wanna be at his birthday party! Shit gonnnnnna goooooo offfffffff! #turnup #19

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