Miley Cyrus is Pregnant with Her First Baby and Doesn’t Know Who the Father Is, Claims a Report—Details

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Guess who is expecting? Songstress Miley Cyrus is pregnant with her first baby, according to the latest reports. The wild child of Hollywood and one of the most popular yet controversial celebrities of the industry is rumoured to be "pregnant and scared," claims a magazine. Read on to find out the details and the truth about Miley Cyrus' pregnancy rumours.

After indulging in "too many one-night stands" and partying wildly, "The Wrecking Ball" singer is pregnant and "doesn't even know who the father" of her child could be, according to Hollywood report, based on Life & Style magazine's claim.

Magazine's April 14 cover issue is out on stands and reads: "Miley's Nightmare: Pregnant & Scared." The report claims that she has landed herself in this nightmarish situation when her career is at peak. 

"She is at the height of her career and isn't ready for a baby" a friend of Miley Cyrus told the Magazine, claims the report.

The anonymous friend reportedly thinks she may not even know who the father of her child is because of her "promiscuous" behavior.

While these pregnancy rumours may leave many of Miley Cyrus fans in shock, the Web site took the onus of finding the truth behind these claims. Upon reaching out to the source close to singer star Miley Cyrus, Hollywood Life found out that Miley Cyrus is "definitely not pregnant."

The source also disclosed to the Web site that the singer relies on "proper precautions" in order to avoid it from happening. "She is very smart when it comes to that" explains the source. Miley Cyrus will not have a baby especially when she is at the "high point in her career."

Miley Cyrus' representative also confirmed that the pregnancy rumours were not true.

Meanwhile, it is reported that "The Wrecking Ball" singer Miley Cyrus is currently on her much hyped Banngerz Tour which she set her foot on around Valentine's Day and will be winding it off only in late April 2014. At the same time, she is mourning over the death of her beloved dog named Floyd. Ever since her rescue dog passed away she has been tweeting about her miserable days without Floyd. While you send out your condolences to Miley, let us know if you were shocked to read that she is pregnant with her first baby.

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