Miley Cyrus Posts a Topless Instagram Photo of Herself: Internet Fails to React

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The wild child has done it again. Miley Cyrus apparently posted a topless picture of herself although this time, no one really cared. Maybe fans must be used to and over the shock value of Miley Cyrus, or maybe the "We Can't Stop" singer's gimmicks are getting too old for her fan base.  

Nudity has never been an issue for Miley Cyrus. At this point, who has not seen the "Wrecking Ball" chanteuse's ta-tas?

Miley Cyrus just knows how to make her 10.3 million followers happy by posting on Instagram yet another sultry photo of herself. The 21-year old showed some skin while getting a haircut wearing nothing but a towel along with the caption "#TBT (2 Hours late but whatevzzzz)." Not contented with the first, Miley Cyrus then uploaded another provocative shot of herself, this time her left arm covering her modesty with the caption, "which means it's technically #FBF #selfieoverload #iphonestorageatfullcapacity #goingthrudeletings-t #akastrollingdownmemorylane."

This is not the first time Miley Cyrus went barenaked for her fans. In a photoshoot with "W" and "German Vogue," the risqué singer was pictured comfortable in her flesh, which displayed her nipples. Her "Adore Your" remix single cover is laden with nude images of the singer as well.

"I like that I'm associated with sexuality and the kind of punk rock s**t where we just don't care," said MIley Cyrus in an interview with "W" magazine in March. While Cyrus has a knack for shocking fans over explicitly adult images, the acts are, however, not without any backlash. While promoting her "Bangerz" tour, many parents have requested the banning of the shows due to explicit sexual material not suitable for minors.

Some shows of the singer have been cancelled-although not due to parents' insistence. The "We Can't Stop" singer had to cancel her concert in Charlotte, N.C., due to major "throat and sinus" issues. The next time Cyrus would be performing shall be at the Auburn Hills, Mich. It has also been previously reported that the risqué singer was not in her own element during recent tours as the singer was still grieving over the death of her pet dog Floyd.

Check out the topless photos here: Miley Cyrus Poses Topless on Instagram (Again)

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