Miley Cyrus Possessed by the Devil, According to Woman from Her Hometown

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"Adore You" singer Miley Cyrus used to be the country sweetheart that every little kid wanted to be when they grow up but has now become one of the most controversial stars in today's generation. Due to her excessive antics that are raunchy and explicit, the people from Miley's Tennessee hometown are now claiming that the devil has already taken the former Disney star, according to Daily Mail.

This is a sad fate that most of the churchgoers from the former "Hannah Montana" star's hometown now fear for her and are gathering prayers for the 20-year-old songstress. One of the congregants in the Southern Baptist People's Church shared her own opinions on the changes that the "Adore You" singer has made and it makes her fear for kids to follow Miley's footsteps.

For the 64-year-old church volunteer, Judy Reynolds, Miley's actions is sending the wrong message and is not seeking God in her life, as reported by the Daily Mail. However, the former Disney star's childhood friend says that she is still in control of her life and that the she is only expressing herself.

Madi Wells, a close friend of Miley back in Tennessee, is proud of her friend and supports her new endeavour. She even calls Miley brave for breaking the conservative rules that used to bind her. Though she might not do the same things that her friend has done, Madi thinks that her former cheerleader friend is not experiencing a mental breakdown unlike the way most people see the "Wrecking Ball" singer.

Whether Miley is undergoing a phase or not, she needs to take care of herself as recent news on her health reached headlines. She has been on tour since February 14 and it is taking its toll on her health. Issues of her abusing alcohol and drugs are also prevalent.

The small town of Tennessee is still trying to cope with the rapid evolution of Miley. While some may not support her, others have grown to understand the phase that she is going through. The "Bangerz" tour will continue as soon as the "Adore You" singer is back on her feet and well again.

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