Miley Cyrus Pokes Fun at Katy Perry-John Mayer Split, Katy Perry 'Roars' Back

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Katy Perry
Singer Katy Perry performs at the BRIT Awards, celebrating British pop music, at the O2 Arena in London Reuters

The tongue war continues. Who's the most touché of them all?   

Katy Perry did not take Miley Cyrus' most recent attack on her relationship or no relationship, for the matter, with John Mayer seriously, even though she vowed revenge by tweeting Miley (and for all people who wants to know to see), that she will give the "I Can't Stop" infamous singer a big spanking. Ow.

In a recent concert in LA, a video of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry sharing a smooch went viral. It did not shock everyone, considering what Miley Cyrus has promised its fans for her "Bangerz" tour: 'a banging good time, no holds barred." What shocked everyone however, was the news that Katy Perry did not like it as much as people thought. It was reported that the multiawarded pop icon did not think the kiss was a big deal, but Katy Perry herself announced how disgusted she is with Miley's tongue.

On an Australian talk show, Katy Perry shared, "I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly girly kiss, you know, as girls do, but then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away. God knows where that tongue has been! We don't know! That tongue is so infamous!"

Miley Cyrus hates people who say no to her, and this does not exclude I-kissed-a-girl-and-I-like-it Katy Perry. Because Katy Perry talked smack about the 'friendly' kiss they shared, and Miley Cyrus hit back by poking fun at how 'lucky' Katy Perry is for breaking up with ex-beau John Mayer using Perry's own words against her. Miley Cyrus sure knows to hit where it hurts.

"Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT's been (sic)."' Miley seems to know something fans don't with these words, but that's for them good buddies to know and for us to find out.

Maybe to show that she is not truly angry, and that all of this is just one big joke fight, just minutes later the "Adore You" singer added, "Dontchyouuuu act like you didn't lurvvvvv it @katyperry."

And in a classy response, at least she did not go on a head to head word fight with the wild child, Katy Perry replied via twitter on Thursday, "'Oooo gurrrl I'm gonna give you the BIGGEST spanking when I see you in the UK bb!"

Will there be a rebuttal from Miley? Will she take the threat lightly? While it is obvious that Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry's bantering is pure fun and there are no hard feelings involved, it will also be wise for them to keep their mouths shut and tongues locked inside for a while. No kissing, or dissing each other anymore.

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