Miley Cyrus to Perform in Australia

U.S. singer Miley Cyrus performs at the O2 Arena in central London
U.S. singer Miley Cyrus performs at the O2 Arena in central London May 6, 2014. REUTERS/Olivia Harris

Aussie fans will have a dose of Miley Cyrus's live vocals, twerking gallore, flashy costumes and maybe another controversial number as she invades the land down under this October.

 The former "Hannah Montana" star will go to Australia for her Bangerz Tour. She will be in Brisbane (October 10), Melbourne (October 15), Sydney (October 17), Adelaide (October 20), and Perth (October 23). Tickets would range from $99.90 to $149.90.

This fourth concert tour would probably deliver another modern vaudevillian assembly of original hits like "Wrecking Ball," and covers like what she interpret in Outkast's "Hey Ya." Throughout her career as a pop star, she was able to prove her singing prowess as she hit high notes but could also sing lower ones. Her range made her songs more harmonious aside from catchy tempo and sing-able lyrics. Of course, it would be highlighted with dancers moving while Miley taking the center with her twerking.

Miley also became popular from wearing an array of concert costumes where the style was as flamboyant as Ziggy Stardust and the size as short as her hair. She already wore shiny cowboy boots, equally shiny top that imitate the shape of a bra and a high-cut bottom that was similar to 80s bikini.

But that's not all. Her concerts were filled with insane stunts she pulled off to grab more attention and to make the performance, well, more meaningful. She once suggested a raunchy act with a dancer covered in Bill Clinton mask, kneeling before him while singing. Then she had numbers with a dancer in Britney Spears mask, and holding a cut-out of Selena Gomez. In addition to that, she also kissed a dancer, dove her face in a blond woman's collosal chest, spread her legs in front of the audience, and would stick her tongue out while projecting an erotic pose. She also performed while riding an enormous hotdog sandwich and sliding in large, pink tongue.

People could not stop buzzing over Miley Cyrus's concerts. Despite the rather, distracting stunts, she was still able to gather compliments from the media and the fans anticipated for her performances. But who knows what she will do next. 

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