Is this Miley Cyrus or Her Lookalike? One Night Stand Naked Snapchat Picture with Unknown Man Goes Viral on Web:


A picture of Miley Cyrus sleeping and getting cosy with an unidentified male is doing rounds on Internet. The picture posted by an unknown Miley fan on Snapchat - a picture sharing Web site, shows Miley with her tongue out and wearing no clothes. The 21-year-old is seen putting her head on the shoulders of a man who claims to have had a one night stand with the singer after her Tampa concert on March 20. Miley even has her tongue out in the picture! Check out the picture below from one of the Twitter users.

However Miley Cyrus' representative has now confirmed to Radar that it is not Miley in this picture but someone who looks like her. The women in the picture has hair which is one shade darker than Miley and her upper ear piercing is also not visible in the picture. The picture is simply captioned, "Miley Cyrus f-ckers."

"It's not her!" a rep for Cyrus told the Web site of the picture. One look at the picture and even a hard core Miley fan will get confused. The resemblance to Miley is striking in the picture and that signature pose of tongue adds to the originality of the shot. It is not clear who is the man in the picture and whether this picture is a photo shop genius or an original picture.

Going by Miley's long list of antics, it would not come as a surprise if the woman in the picture was actually Miley. She has been showing a lot of outlandish behaviour since quite a long time now. The 21-year-old has twerked with various animals including a fake horse and teddy bear, slapped the butts of a dwarf female dancer, faked oral sex on Bill Clinton look-alike and even touched herself inappropriately on stage.

In the latest Miley scandal, the picture of the 21-year-old singer posing topless on a white horse has been leaked. Miley posed naked wearing nothing but a white thong for the music video of "Adore You" remixes. Earlier only half of the shot was released where Miley's breasts were partially visible but now various Web sites are showing the complete picture. Read more about it here.

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