Miley Cyrus Not Tinkerbell, Bieber Perfect for Peter Pan?

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Miley Cyrus might be rocking her pixie cut, but pigs should start flying first before she considers playing Tinkerbell, Peter Pan's sidekick, throwing pixie dust and becoming friendly with the Lost Boys. Her petite frame and pixie 'do make her an uncanny representation of Tinkerbell in real life, prompting many to ask if she will like to play Tinkerbell in the Peter Pan live musical of NBC.

Unfortunately, Miley Cyrus does not like the role and cannot see herself doing it. She said so herself in a not so subtle way. Cyrus tweeted vehemently on Monday, February 24, "I would rather choke on my own tongue", as reported by the US Magazine. The controversial singer actress even posted a photograph of clipping from Star Magazine with the headline,"Just Call Her Twerker Bell." If these actions do not drive the point across, what would? Really, no fairy dreams for this girl ever.

People asking whether the young singer actress will be picked for the role of Tinkerbell did not happen out of the blue. The rumors started as early as December of 2013, when NBC's Robert Greenlatt announced that he was happy and satisfied with Carrie Underwood's successful participation with the Sound of Music Live, so this will be followed up with a live rendition of Peter Pan, a classic 1954 Broadway play. When probed about potential casting for this live production, Greenblatt put it out there that he has in mind the young, twerking queen. He quipped, "I want Miley Cyrus!"

If not Miley Cyrus, who will play the infamous one minute naughty the next very nice fairy that makes Peter Pan's life so much easier? Who would play Peter Pan? The decision is still out there but fans are raring to know, giving suggestions themselves. If Miley Cyrus is the obvious choice for Tinkerbell because of her hair and her unpredictable behaviour, then the other roles such as Peter Pan and Wendy must be played by actors that more or less have the same qualities as these characters.

One of the actors they think as perfect for the Peter Pan role is actually, Justin Bieber. According to Fuse TV, because Peter Pan is the boy that does not want to grow up, Bieber is the perfect person to play the character. Bieber's latest antics and engagements demonstrated how he just cannot stop being a boy and be man. Interestingly, the obvious choice to play Wendy for the fans is Selena Gomez, apparently because she loves Peter Pan with all her heart but hates the fact that he is too immature to commit and be more responsible.

No matter who will be casted for this upcoming live musical, it is quite obvious that fans are excited about it. We can all hope it becomes as successful as the Sound of Music Live.

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