Miley Cyrus: The Next Lindsay Lohan?

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Miley Cyrus looks as if her career is slowly dwindling down. News is, the 19-year old is getting green-eyed over a few of her former Disney co-stars.

From baring her privates to tweeting racy lingerie shots, what's next for the teenage sensation that has dropped out the charts? Is Miley Cyrus the next Lindsay Lohan?

Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter has been in a lot of controversies of the most provocative ones: Miley smoking "too much" weed, licking a penis cake, hitting Pilate's class without her undies, flashing her side boob during a mother-daughter spree, going on a gluten-free diet that has looks nowhere near healthy, and tweeting a lingerie clad picture of herself.

While a few of her fans would call this move a Miley move being one "who can't be tamed", some just simply don't have the good words for it at all.

The former Disney princess, who had cut off ties from the show, has moved on to making provocative and wild music videos and wearing risqué clothing. Supposedly, Miley had gone on to film her post-Disney flick, "LOL," which had been originally been planned to air worldwide. However her film had LOL-fully gotten no love at all.

Lionsgate studio had lost their love and support over the film. Instead of a universal premiere, "LOL" is set to be released in only 7 cities in the US on May 4. According to the executive director in charge of "LOL", the film simply had not been given any attention at all.

With Miley's film career appearing to be going down the drain, how is her music career so far? The 29-year old still has nothing in store.

With all the non-happenings in Miley Cyrus' life, sources say she's jealous over the success of her other former Disney co-stars, namely Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato.

"Miley doesn't like seeing her peers, like Vanessa Hudgens, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, getting roles and opportunities that she believes she should be getting," says a source to

"Miley is more frustrated with the lack of offers for films like Journey 2 and Spring Breakers."

"She was at one point bigger than all of them combined and doesn't like playing second fiddle. Add that with the weak response of LOL and she is at a standstill in her career, which she believes should be in the stratosphere," added the source.

By the looks of it, Miley appears to be the next Lindsay Lohan. That is if she continues down the trail of being the green-eyed monster. Thankfully, it was reported Miley hired new management to take care of her celebrity status, in hopes of recreating her image. 

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