Miley Cyrus New Concert Video: Tape on Her Nipples, Gets Covered in Oil

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Miley Cyrus' latest concert video is the ultimate shocker. While she may still be recovering from severe allergies, Miley treated her fans-and the world-to a super sultry video after postponing some of her concerts, reported by E! Online.

Those who have been into one of her "Bangerz" concert tour will recognize the clip at first sight as this is being played on the show before the pop star enters center stage. Perhaps for those first-time watchers, the video may illicit various reactions.

Miley's recent video is entitled "Miley Cyrus: Tongue Tied," which features the 21-year-old's topless and toned physique while wearing black panties and her nipples are covered by a duct tape. The video was set in black and white and flashes otherworldly photographs on the screen while the former "Hannah Montana" star is tied in a bondage style of cloth and ribbons.

She then makes some acrobatic moves and hangs herself upside-down baring some parts of her body. Afterwards, Miley smears some oil over her torso until her body is covered with it and thereafter she dances wild and about.

Her latest video treat will not be complete without sticking her tongue out for the world to see. That's surely the latest Miley trademark.

Meanwhile, the pop star's present health state is causing her to reschedule her "Bangerz" concert tours, according to E News. Her Amsterdam concert which is set on Friday will be postponed because of this. The same is true for her Antwerp show.

Prior to these postponements, the "We Can't Stop" songstress already made previous no-shows to her concert dates after she was rushed to the hospital on April 15 for severe allergic reactions. Although Miley thinks she is already in perfect health, during her interview with Ryan Seacrest, her doctors still recommend her continued medication, according to

Dr. David Lang explained to MTV that adverse reactions to medications while normal are most likely to happen when the patient is taking antibiotics. Miley still wants to please her fans and will continue her "Bangerz" tour as she has already landed in London for the European leg of her concert tour, according to

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