Miley Cyrus Made Dying Fan Happy, Answers Sex Tape Allegations

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Disney Darlings Gone Delinquent, Jail and Rehab Plus More
While Miley Cyrus has never gone to rehab or been arrested for DUI, the former “Hannah Montana” star has been famous for controversial reasons of which include smoking pot on stage, twerking and her scandalous “Bangerz” tour. REUTERS/Maja Suslin/TT News Ag

Miley Cyrus proves that despite her larger than life concert shows where she flaunts her naughtier side than the nice side she was known for as Hannah Montana, the golden heart she has for her young fans is still there. Last Friday, Miley Cyrus surprised a dying fan by giving her an ecnouraging message through a video message an hour before the 12-year-old died. Meanwhile, connecting with her fan also led to the clearing of the issue of her having a sex tape.

According to Huffington Post, Miley Cyrus took time to talk to Caley Camarillo, a fan diagnosed with cystic fibrosis through a video message. An hour after the video was seen, Caley passed away. This is not the first encounter between Miley and Caley. Caley has been a long-time fan of Miley and was able to meet the former Disney star a few years ago.

In the video last Friday, Miley gave a meaningful and encouraging message to ailing Caley.  Miley said:

"Hey Caley, it's Miley. I've been talking to your mama the past few days. I know we met a few years ago, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm still praying for you, I'm still thinking about you. I'm sending you some love, and I just wanted to let you know that you are on my mind and in my heart."

Just like her idol, Caley also has some devoted followers on her Twitter and Instagram, where she usually talked about her experiences with her disease and to raise people's awareness on cystic fibrosis. This is why her mother, created a Go Fund Me page to appeal to Caley's friends and fans for donations that will be used for funeral expenses. Caley's mom plans to spread Caley's ashes in the places she wanted to go to but never got the chance to because of her ailment.

"She inspired thousands with her journey and mission of spreading awareness of cystic fibrosis," Caley's mother wrote on the fundraising page, sharing her daughter's love for arts and crafts, writing stories and playing with her two puppies.

Aside from making Caley happy, Miley's connection with another fan led to the clearing of sex tape rumors associated with the "Wrecking Ball" singer. According to Hollywood Life, Miley Cyrus' interaction with her fan, Munera on Tumblr cleared Miley's sex tape rumors. When the fan asked the singer-actress regarding the alleged sex tape, Miley was quick to reply.

Miley said, "I already know someone has a 'sex tape' it's impossible cuz I've never filmed myself f***ing."

"And if there is one I was trapped and then I'm a victim," Miley added. 

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