Miley Cyrus-Liam Hemsworth Twerky Romance Timeline: The Look of Love for Miley and Liam [PHOTOS/VIDEO]


It’s not always bad for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. They were once truly in love and Liam sure surprisingly didn’t want to take off his eyes off the young singer and Miley can’t stop talking about the Australian hunk who swept her off her feet.

The moment they shared their first kiss together for Nicholas Park’s “The Last Song,” Liam knew he wanted nowhere but near Miley. And Miley knew she had to go his folks Down Under.

Liam and Miley met on the set of romance film, “The Last Song.” Their first kissing scene together was shot by the beach and the romantic feel brought by the waters must have caught up with them that they became inseparable since then.

The kiss by the beach in “The Last Song,” was followed by more romantic scenes including the playful, shower scene by the lawn and Liam listening to Miley play piano in his ancestral, rich home.

Miley has been gushing over her ex since then, even declaring in 2011 that she wanted no one but Aussie boys. It seemed all perfect for the former celebrity couple. Liam even brought Miley to Australia and introduced her to his folks. His brothers may have reportedly been concerned about their younger sibling in high profile relationship with a Hollywood star. Then a newbie in Tinsel town, it was even more perfect for Liam.

Many raise eye brows. Miley seemed to be off and not too ladylike for a man of Liam’s Aussie looks and demeanor. But Liam loved Miley just the same. Against all odds, they stayed together and they had a good run for four long years.

Here’s a look at the timeline for Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Twerky Romance:

June 2009: “How they Met” Miley and Liam met on the set of Julie Anne Robinson’s film, The Last Song, written by Nicholas Sparks. It was a summer romance for Veronica “Ronnie” Miller (Miley) and Will Blakelee (Liam). But it was not so hard to fall in love on set for two gorgeous people and the film paved the way for real-life summer romance for the former celebrity couple.

September 2009: “Romance Confirmed” It should not come as a surprise when Liam and Miley confirmed that they are romantically involved barely three months after they shared their first kiss on set. Nothing could be better than feeling the kiss for real, not just for reel.

March 2010: “Romance Made Public” The former celebrity couple officially debuted their romance at the premiere for Robinson’s “The Last Song.” Series of photos of Miley and Liam emerged showing the Hannah Montana star looking passionately at her Aussie beau - - the look of love. Miley could not stop talking about Liam since then. She appeared to be more excited than Liam, who was as reserved as he has ever been back then. And Miley may not have been a Twitter magnet as she is now 3 years ago, but it was clear that the actress knew she wanted Liam and there was no one else she would rather be with.

August 2010: “First Miley-Liam Split” It was the first ever Miley and Liam split. The roller coaster may have begun back then but it didn’t take them so long and they were back in each other’s arms.

September 2010: “First Kiss and Make-Up” Liam and Miley kissed and made up and things went back to the way they were.

November 2010: “Second Liam-Miley Split” Liam and Miley second split. It didn’t take long the former celebrity couple had their second break-up. The tabloid picked up on the second split. The couple’s second split had caused more stir than the first. It got to be confusing at first. It raised concerns on the sincerity of their feelings for each other. Was it because filming “The Last Song” was over and it was the last of their happy days?

Liam went back home and took a break from the Hollywood scene. Not often would he be snapped hanging around Tinsel town. Miley for her part was making headlines. She was snapped with a bong and did little efforts to deny it. She was even named the “worst celebrity model” later that year. It wasn’t the first she nabbed the unflattering title. She appeared to be living up to one of her hit songs, “Can’t be Tamed.” With no Liam to balance things for Miley, the singer personal life gone tumbling down.

April 2011. “Second Kiss and Make-Up” Liam and Miley’s second reunion. After breaking up three times, the on-and-off couple rekindled their romance. Sure Liam took his time before knocking on Miley’s doors again. After five months of separation, Liam and Miley started seeing each other again.

Miley declared back then that her parents inspired her to go revisit romance with Liam and assess what she could be missing. Things appeared to be more stable than ever and Miley indeed looked more tamed than she had ever been. She was able to stir away from controversies and the couple succeeded in avoiding any heartbreaking dramas.

May 2012: “The’re Engaged!” The romance too strong they got engaged one year and a month after reuniting for the second time in April 2011. Liam bought Miley a great looking engagement ring, which created a life of its own in the next two years that the couple had been engaged. Things were looking up!

August 2012: “Miley’s Hair” Just when things seemed to fall into place, Miley could not be still. She made headlines again after cutting off her Montana hair. She was criticized for her bold move. Her short hair was received less favorably than Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams. Was it her tendency to be a magnet of controversy? Was this the beginning of an end?

December 2012: “Liam Loves her Hair” There was never trouble in paradise. Liam loved her hair and so Miley declared. She couldn’t care less since the man she loves adored her new looks, she claimed. Their romantic getaway in Costa Rica late that year proved everyone wrong. No amount of hair, or none of it could change Liam’s mind. He loved Miley and Miley could not love her more.

January 2013: “Third Liam-Miley Split” Another break-up rumours threatened Liam-Miley romance. Fans were greeted with news that things were not peachy between Miley and Liam. Miley was snapped without her engagement ring. It was during this time that Liam was said to be linked with January Jones.

Liam denied it. No official statement of the break-up. Liam took a break in Australia in April 2013. Miley went to Oscars without Liam. Things were looking down. Miley began to post semi-nude photos on Twitter. She was giving lots of hints on her relationship with Liam and fans thought they already called it quits. They were never snapped together for five long months.

June 2013: “Liam-Miley Reunited in Photos” Break-up rumours had been shunned when they were photographed together on a date night. But Miley was already on her way to twerking and showing more skin in many of her photos on Twitter.

August 2013: “Miley Supports Liam in ‘Paranoia’ The couple put breakup rumours to rest when Miley decided to show up with Liam at the actor’s premiere of “Paranoia.” Looking more like a lady in red, leather dress, Miley was a picture of a mature woman, supporting the man she loves. You would never hint of trouble in paradise. She was more than willing to avoid the spotlight for Liam. She was photographed standing in the corner to allow Liam enjoy his moment at the L.A. premiere. They were a picture of love.

August 2013: “Miley’s Twerky Performance at VMA” Liam was the first in everyone’s mind as millions watched her twerk her way to a racy VMA performance. Sure her production number with Robin Thicke broke record, as declared by Miley and agreed on by everyone, including critics. But it also broke her relationship with Liam.

Liam was later reported “embarrassed” and “shocked.” Other reports claimed, the actor said he was tired of babysitting Miley any longer. More reports revealed that he has been begging Miley to call it off since Summer this year. But they held on to once they called “love.”

If not for that foamy finger. And the twerky performance.

September 2013: “The End of Liam-Miley Saga” The reps for the couple (and them, too) officially confirmed that the romance that began in September 2009 on set of “The Last Song” ended four years after.

 It was over. They failed to recover. Liam could no longer take it as reports claimed. Miley was hanging on to the engagement ring, reportedly clueless as to what to do with it. Liam dissed Miley by kissing a beautiful Mexican singer, Eiza Gonzales. Miley has no man as of yet. She doesn’t follow Liam on Twitter any longer.

It’s over. Until when?

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