Miley Cyrus Latest Raunchy Photo shoot With Terry Richardson: The New Rebel Kid in The House


Look who's back, back again. Miley Cyrus hits the studio of legendary- controversial-amateur-professional-kinky photographer Terry Richardson. This racy photo shoot has crossed all the boundaries that once stopped Miley from being the rebel Miley.

We were wondering if her actions are that overwhelming for many they are like Sinead O'Connor who wrote an open letter to Miley expressing her concern that the music industry is taking advantage of her. She is the rebel kid, we have to accept the fact, perhaps, she is craving for our attention and these racy photo shoots, raunchy music videos is all about getting attention.

She wants the world to know that she is a rebel and will continue to shock, if that is the word that fits here. As a matter of fact, shock is the perfect word to describe this young pop star's actions over the past few months.

Miley Cyrus started out with her twerk and grind performance with Robin Thicke and party. She shocked the audience at MTV VMA 2013. Remember the expressions on Will Smith and his family, classic disgust. But, Miley made her point very clear that she is in the scene now. The "Hannah Montana" that we knew was past, she is Miley "Tongue" Cyrus now.

Then, came her photo shoot in white undies at Terry Richardson's studio, read here about the photo shoot. The world thought that she is done with Terry Richardson now. She wrecked the world with the "Wrecking Ball." It struck us pretty hard, so hard that students of Michigan University re-enacted the song in the college campus (read the hilarious story, here).

Now, this brand new photo shoot with Terry Richardson. What can we possibly say about this as she is taken her rebellious nature to a whole new level.

What's next, Miley? We are waiting.

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