Miley Cyrus, Kellan Lutz, Cara Delevingne Possible Love Triangle? Cara Kisses Lutz and Miley Both [ SEE Photos]


When he is not busy making out with Miley Cyrus, Kellan Lutz is getting his cheeks licked by none other than Cara Delevingne. Life has changed for "The Legend of Hercules" actor ever since he has met Miley Cyrus lately. Suddenly the 28-year-old hottie has been in news for every single thing he does and is even spotted with a number of hot women.

Miley Cyrus' rumoured flame was spotted at a basketball game on Tuesday, where the 21-year-old model Delevingne was also present. First Cara enjoyed the game with Fast and Furious star Micheal Rodriguez and packed on a series of PDA's ( public displays of affection). However after the game she got hold of the "Twilight" hottie Lutz and got a picture clicked with him where she is licking his cheeks off. Lutz however has been rubbed by Miley magic in the past few weeks, hence his tongue was out!

"Get out the licks for the Knicks @kellanlutz,"Cara captioned the picture on her Instagram page. It is interesting to note that Cara has even kissed Lutz rumoured flame Miley Cyrus some time back. Miley tweeted the picture of her and

Cara sharing an intimates kiss. You can view the picture here.

So what do you think of the whole fiasco? Is Cara Delevingne bisexual? She loves kissing women (more recently Michele and Miley) and has been good with men too. So is Miley Cyrus, who has been keen on kissing Cara back and sharing the tweet. Could this be a start of a new sort of love triangle between Cara-Kellan-Miley? Both seem to be quite impressed with Lutz and seem to not get enough of him.

But before your imagination starts running wild, let us inform you that Kellan has completely denied the rumors of him and Miley Cyrus dating. "It just makes me laugh," Kellan told Ryan Seacrest lately. said. "I've been friends with Miley for like six years. She's a great girl...We are friends [and] we run in the same circle."

"I'm happily single...I'm not [looking for a relationship] right now. I'm enjoying life and traveling quite a bit...there's no real time to find the one," he added. Maybe both the girls ( Miley and Cara) can convince Lutz to drop his guard and move along the flow. What are your views?

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