Miley Cyrus Keeps Her New Year's Resolution

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Miley Cyrus started off the year right with a New Year's Resolution saying she'd quit smoking or at least try to cut down on those nicotine sticks. Now the question here is: has she been true to her word?

She may not be easily tamed when it comes to the way she dresses or the way she makes music videos but Miley is one teenager who won't flake out on her word. The singer-actress is seriously cutting down on her habit of smoking. Even with the controversy still hanging in the air about Miley being a "pothead", the young celebrity isn't one to give up easily.

A few sources claim Miley has already losing the battle of trying to quit her habit. People should give the gal a break because trying to kick the habit of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day is not as easy as it seems.

According to a source close to the singer, Miley is finding the task itself difficult but she is  "trying." 

"She knows it's going to be very hard, but she wants to kick her smoking habit - or at least cut it down quite a bit," shares the insider in an interview with

"She knows it's bad for her health and her voice," continues the source. "She can't crack it very easily, especially when many of her friends smoke. So she's using her New Year's resolution as a potential reason for her to quit."

It's been ten days after Miley's fateful reveal of her resolution. So has she been true to her word and is she really cutting down on the cigarette sticks? Apparently, yes, Miley is indeed kicking the habit with baby steps at a time.

"So far, so good," says an insider who's close to the singer-actress. "She probably smokes half the amount she once smoked," continues the source to "She was, at one point, like a chain smoker, which is no longer the case."

Hopefully with her new movie, "LOL: Laughing Out Loud", she won't be tempted to smoke more than what's she's supposed to. The movie is of course about teenage rebellion which would most likely entail drugs, pot and sex. Let's cross our fingers and hope what's in the movie, stays in the movie. 

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