Miley Cyrus Keeps Forgetting Lyrics to Her Songs During One of her Concerts of ‘Bangerz’ Tour

By @Ze_Charm on

Miley Cyrus was first criticized once again by the fact that her tour 'Bangerz' was absolutely raunchy for the youngsters that went to watch it.

News that parents wanted to have their tickets refunded and that the tour be cancelled was said to be an ongoing protest after they found it shocking that Cyrus was sliding down her own tongue and sporting crotch-hugging outfits during her show.

Everyone can attest to the fact the Cyrus really knows how to put on a good show, but fans are now taking to heart the fact the Cyrus doesn't remember the lyrics of her own songs. According to the Huffington post, Cyrus has a teleprompter at the very front of the stage that shows her the lyrics of her songs.

Should fans be shocked? Not really, singer and actors always forget their lines, even Beyonce does and it's just something that they have to deal with. Fans however still feel a bit betrayed by the fact that Cyrus doesn't know all the lyrics to her songs.

According to Radaronline, a fan was utterly shocked by Cyrus who was often caught looking at her little cheat screen. As reported by RadarOnline, the fan had said:

"I was at Miley's Vegas concert and took these pictures because I couldn't believe she needed a teleprompter with lyrics to all of her songs throughout the entire concert, And it's not like they were just there for nothing -- I caught her looking at them more than a few times!"

Well maybe from all the shenanigans that she keeps pulling during her concert, it isn't easy to keep up with what part of the song you're supposed to be singing. Maybe Cyrus just needs a little reminder every other minute.

Cyrus is still on her "Bangerz" tour despite having critics poking her for her weird ways. But well, that is Miley Cyrus for you!

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