Miley Cyrus - Jared Leto Dating Rumours: Astrological Prediction of Relationship Future

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Miley Cyrus - Jared Leto Dating Rumours
Miley Cyrus is rumoured to have started dating Jared Leto REUTERS


Miley Cyrus is rumoured to have started dating Jared Leto

Miley Cyrus is rumoured to have started dating Jared Leto. Well, a rumour remains one until it is confirmed by the people involved in it no matter how strong the circumstantial evidences are.

In this case, the "circumstantial evidence" (if we call it in the strictest of legal sense) is significant. Us Weekly reported that Miley had "stayed over" at Jared's house earlier in February 2014. The "encounter" reportedly took place in Los Angeles where Jared lives. We have to wait and see if the rumours that have already coloured the wind have any fire in it or it is only smoke that we can see. On the other hand, as they say, there is no smoke without fire.

Miley's "sleepover" in Jared's place happened only weeks after "Jordan Catalano" and "Hannah Montana" were photographed together on Jan. 25 when they attended the pre-Grammys celebration at Clive Davis'. Another source confirmed that the Academy Award nominee actor, 42, and the "Wrecking Ball" diva, 21, have started knowing each other for a while now. One more source of the Us Weekly said that the duo got even more intimate with each other in recent past. The reason given for the two having a rumoured "intimate" relation is that both have a few things in common. Both like to party. Both love talking about music and art. Both are at ease with nudity.

On the other hand, the alleged "couple" may not have a future together even if they hook up at the moment, predict astrological configurations.  Miley being a Sagittarius (born on Nov. 23) has extreme bleak chances of getting along with Jared who is a Capricorn (born on Dec. 26). Astrologically, these two are total opposites. A whimsical Sagittarius will find it really hard to be committed to a Capricorn who is generally passive, if not shy, in love.

Nobody, nevertheless, is talking about commitment at the moment. An Us Weekly source has predicted that both, at the moment, are looking for "fun."

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