Miley Cyrus Inks Inner Lip with a Sad Kitten: What Does this Mean?

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Kittens are cute but a sad tattooed kitten in your inner lip?

Miley Cyrus has once again created a trademark for sad kittens and she has done it by tattooing a sad kitten on her inner lip. The sad kitten face in which has been seen on the widescreen in her concerts whilst the singer sang "Wrecking Ball."

Cyrus took to social media posting on her Instagram account a sad kitten, which many people had reacted to. Is the tattoo a real one? This is what many fans are asking of the singer. On her Twitter account, the "Adore You" singer had posted a photo of her covering her face with a towel with the hashtag, "#OuchyBooBoo."

Cyrus is currently on her "Bangerz" tour where she has been touring the country and is currently in Texas to do shows. According to the Huffington Post, the singer seemed to have gotten her "sad kitten" tattoo in Tusla, the same place where she had performed on Thursday night.

Cyrus is one of the many stars that have donned quite exciting tattoos. Many of the celebrities that have taken to getting inked a lot include One Direction singer, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, "Diamonds" singer Rihanna, who is currently exclusively dating Drake, British model Cara Delevigne and of course Cyrus herself.

See the photo of Cyrus new tattoo which is a sad kitten tattooed in her inner lip: Did Miley Cyrus Tattoo Her Inner Lip With A Sad Yellow Kitty?

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We wonder what the tattoo means for Cyrus? It may be a cute kitten but it is a sad kitten, is this her way of saying that she misses Liam somehow? Tell us what you think.

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